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Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms

Cheesecake Factory (More than just dessert!)

Service, Quality and Fairly Priced Meals!

Would you believe I have never eaten at a Cheesecake Factory? I grew up Outside of Detroit, Michigan, where the Cheesecake Factory began in the early 1940’s. I could not understand the hype of it coming to Birkdale Village. What makes it so special? So, Friday, I decided to go and see for myself. I called and asked if I needed a reservation, I was told it never hurts but at this time (Noon) they still had a few tables and the most the wait maybe is 10 minutes.

I wanted a booth, not to sit at the bar or a high-top table, and the wait was 7 minutes. The building is very large, and it was full. They had no shortage of staff, and I was greeted immediately.

From left to right: Manager, Kenneth Wright, Margi Kyle and Drystal Roberts

My server was Crystal Roberts, and she had moved from Columbus, Ohio, 5 years ago and has been working for Cheesecake Factory during that time. As we were talking, she explained the menu, which is very extensive and enticing! I loved the “Skinnylicious” Small Plates section.

If you can’t find something mouthwatering to you, you will not find it anywhere else

When I saw the 3 words (Beets – Avocado- Salad) I was sold!

The 3 items I love the most all in one dish! The size of the portion was just right, and the taste was totally delicious. Why did I just think they only sold Cheesecake? I asked to see the manager.

Kenneth Wright came over to my table and gave me his card and asked if everything was to my liking. As we talked, I learned so much. He has been with the Cheesecake Factory for 6 years. Started as a Bus Boy and worked his way up to Manager. Helped start several of them in the area and I hope will stay in Birkdale.

He told me the menu changes every 6 months and that everything must pass the 3 way test:

Nothing is frozen and reused- has to be fresh!

Number 2

Tasted by all staff for approval

Number 3

They have created a True Dining Experience for all ages and tastes.

Every staff member must have proper information about each dish and must experience them as well. Calories of each dish is noted and also, if it is a Gluten Free dish. It is not listed on the website but if you call in the order, they can tell you.   

I love to go on the websites and see their menu first to get an idea of what they offer-they offer a wide variety- go and see for yourself!

Go and enjoy a Specialty Drink and Delicious Meal!

Photos by Margi Kyle

Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

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