It was a great battle of the adjectives    

To describe this hidden gem. It’s actually located in a neighborhood lined with townhouses in Huntersville. I was feeling pretty lucky that I hung in there as I thought my GPS was broken; I parked on the quant neighborhood street and scooted across the narrow street to enter under the hanging sign “Harvey’s”. It already looked fun and friendly!

The grand wide wooden staircase led me up to a bustling but quiet landing. Warm, fun, and cozy hits you right away. You get a feeling like you’ve been there before, you know kind of like your neighborhood buddy’s house who has the pool table in his garage. This place is exactly all of that in a super cool two-story building. And yes, there is a pool table and even seating on the balcony overlooking the quaint street; I mean how relaxing is that? I was seated at a high top to the right side of the bar and felt it was perfect, not noisy but not stuck in a corner like I was hiding. Perfect spot to see the TVs over the bar and to people watch.

There’s definitely something gourmet going down in the kitchen!  

Brussels and Pork Belly to start it off!

I perused the very eclectic menu with a little help from my super friendly server Cole as he guided me through the culinary choices. I decided on the Brussels and Pork Belly to start and the Grilled Avocado adding the seared blackened tuna for my entree. Off he went and I took a few minutes to settle in and do a little people watching. A weird thought came to mind; I thought this place should have a theme song. You know like one of those television sitcoms. Right about that time my lemony crisp cold lemon-drop martini arrived, and I was told Josh the Bartender Extraordinaire made it not too sweet and not to bitter as I asked. He was spot on. It was just right! I felt like Goldilocks with my perfect bowl of porridge. The neighbor table folks smiled as they seemed to be doing their own people watching as I did my taste test and since I was holding it with both hands and licking sugar off my lips while letting out a satisfying “mmmm”. I gave them a wink and a thumbs up in case they were considering ordering one of their own.  That in return earned me a few smiles.

Blackened Tuna

I kept my “mmmm’s” in my mind

As I devoured the most scrumptious Brussels and who would have thought you could even do these things to an avocado! It was just endless foodie heaven. A number 11 on the foodie scale for sure. Too full for dessert I gathered my to-go boxes and stopped to thank the bartender Josh personally for his part in my enjoyable dining experience.  He was a delight to talk to and I learned he uses interesting ingredients and makes some pretty cool liquid concoctions. Certainly, something to come back to try! Especially since I feel that was an invite and we’re all great friends here. Sounds like there are more “mmmm’s” to come!


Restaurant Reviewers Ellen Stafford and Debbie Amyotte
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Review, video and photos by Debbie Amyotte
Debbie Amyotte – Foodie & Reviewer

Debbie Amyotte is a self-proclaimed “Giant FOODIE”. She loves everything about food from fine dining to hidden gems that only the locals know about. Traveling is a big passion and she has visited about 30% of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Grami to two awesome grandkids she visits them as much as she can. Sundays at her house, are meant for two things: church and football!

She is active in the community as a Rotary member, the organizer for Ladies Luv Adventures in Lake Norman, and she hosts a monthly mystery book club called A Good Night for Murder.

Her professional life includes being a Realtor, a travel agent for Travel Bee Adventures, and a local, independent, contracted pet sitter — caring and understanding special pet needs. Contact Debbie by email,

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