Brothy, creamy, spicy — and a soup of the day even!   

When I go out for dinner, I like to order what I won’t cook at home. Delicious!!!!

I can say I’m not just a martini snob — I’m a soup snob too!  There’s nothing better than taking a comfy seat in a cozy booth and having a great selection of piping hot soups to choose from to warm you from the inside!  With the brisk cold weather upon us, I can say I’d drive another 30 minutes to find soup. But luckily, I just have to go to a local favorite in Denver.

Music on Wednesdays too .

Every Wednesday night Midtown Sundries has great live music in the bar area. It offers a super wrap-around layout with lots of seats to accommodate groups of sports fans or just the nightly foodie. The friendly bartenders are quick and know how to make a crisp martini too.

The more the merrier!

It’s especially nice if you have a big group since the restaurant is spacious and the giant menu boasts so many great options from seafood, steaks, chicken, burgers, and kids choices.. and desserts. There are televisions of all sizes placed strategically so you can even see them from across the restaurant .. easy to keep an eye on your score… or whatever else may be on. 

So, let’s call it a night with hot peach pie!  

Every day they have dinner specials along with a dessert of the day. Tonight, I was in heaven since my favorite is peach pie!  Topped with the gold old fashioned vanilla ice cream. I was totally satisfied with the yummy creamy cheddar potato soup, tasty grilled Reuben and that peach pie. I thought I learned my lesson from this past holiday, so I had to stop eating. Truth be told — I did get a to go box. For my sandwich, NOT for my pie!    

The perfect ending to a perfect dinner!
Restaurant Reviewers Ellen Stafford and Debbie Amyotte
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Review, video and photos by Debbie Amyotte
Debbie Amyotte – Foodie & Reviewer

Debbie Amyotte is a self-proclaimed “Giant FOODIE”. She loves everything about food from fine dining to hidden gems that only the locals know about. Traveling is a big passion and she has visited about 30% of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Grami to two awesome grandkids she visits them as much as she can. Sundays at her house, are meant for two things: church and football!

She is active in the community as a Rotary member, the organizer for Ladies Luv Adventures in Lake Norman, and she hosts a monthly mystery book club called A Good Night for Murder.

Her professional life includes being a Realtor, a travel agent for Travel Bee Adventures, and a local, independent, contracted pet sitter — caring and understanding special pet needs. Contact Debbie by email,

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