CORNELIUS NC: An hour was all that was needed to get through Cornelius’ August 19th agenda. With logistics front and foremost this week, town commissioners were able to quickly get down to business.


New motorcycle for the Cornelius Police Department

First was the Top Deck Foundation’s presentation of a new motorcycle for the Cornelius Police Department (shown above). The Top Deck Foundation is a fundraising charity that raises money for the Cornelius Police Department having already raised over $48,000. This motorcycle is intended to help police the greenways and the foundation hopes to raise funds for a second cycle in the future.


Leaf Spring Preschool Plan


Public hearing for a new preschool

Phil Howard

The first public hearing for a new preschool off of Washam Potts Rd. The Leaf Spring Preschool would service approximately 160 day students with additional after school students. Local resident Phil Howard voiced concerns over increased traffic in the area which were responded with acknowledgment and assurance that NC Department of Transportation would look into action to alleviate possible issues.


Items approved

Approvals by 4-0 margins (due to the absence of Commissioner Ross), the town approved both the appointment of Kieth Eicher as Planning Board Chairman and various amendments for the Cain Center for the Arts. These amendments allocated more funds for predevelopment work by the construction manager and a $4million increase for the total project to address ballooning costs. Other approvals include fund transfers for proper accounting


Cain Center for the Arts

The timeline for the Cain Center continues with preproduction. Manager Grant states that, as long as things stay on schedule, bids should begin next summer followed by 14 months of construction with opening in early 2022. Mayor Washam also stated that he will be appointing a commission dedicated to this project sometime in September.


Other items on the agenda

Other town concerns brought up during the meeting were public surveys for both Bailey Road and Robbins Parks. Increased visibility for the Cornelius Education Options working to explore school occupancy for local students. Manager Grant also took time to highlight the hard work park officials undertook with their early detection and treatment of an algae bloom in Robbins Park. That treatment is ongoing.


REMINDER – Child carseat checks

Town officials reminded the public that Child Carseat Checks are offered on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 3:30-6pm at the local fire station.


Brenton C Davis


Brenton C. Davis: Raised in the area, I have recently returned after time spent in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C., I hope to bring a level of attention to local matters that are important to our citizens and neighbors.