Smoked Tomato Bisque

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Chef Tyree Watkins

Smoked Tomato Bisque 

Yields: 1 gallon

Category: soup 

Equipment: large stock pot, immersion blender


Mild Italian sausage 1Lbs Raw, rope or link
San Marzano tomatoes2 (28oz)Cans 
Roasted garlic 4Cloves
Chicken stock 1Quart
Heavy cream 1Quart
Parmesan 1/2Cup
Sugar 1/3Cup
Fennel seed1TbspDried 
Basil 1/3CupFresh 
Oregano Tbsp Dried 
Italian spice1TbspDried 
Onion powder 1Tbsp 
Salt and pepperTo taste
Corn2CupsShucked, roasted
Ingredients for Smoked Tomato Bisque


  • Assemble Ingredients and equipment.
  • Heat pot over med/high heat and char sausage. Careful not to grey when charring. Add fennel seed and stir until fragrant, careful not to burn.
  • Add everything but basil, corn and parmesan and bring to a boil while stirring occasionally. Reduce to a simmer for 2 hrs (occasionally stirring), add basil and parmesan at the end and blend until smooth.
  • Add in roasted corn for texture and enjoy.
  • Cool, label and store properly.

Chef Tyree at Work
Chef Tyree at Work

Chef Tyree is the Founder and CEO of Crisp Catering in Lake Norman – Specializing in “In Home Catering”

Chef Tyree Watkins has been a Chef for 12 years. During that time, he has acquired a reputation for creating and making lasting memories.  

Chef Tyree started fulfilling his culinary passions in High School by hosting “dinners” at home for his mother’s friends. While serving “in home dinners” for his Mom, Chef Tyree was able to develop a deeper psychological side of food and what food has to offer. 

He began to focus on  “experience driven cuisine” rather than just serving another dish.  Each dish has a story and by focusing on “making lasting memories” Chef combines a memory of the host or person of interest to a presentation that also is entertaining and pleasing to all.

Chef Tyree holds an Associates degree in Restaurant Management and Hospitality from The Culinary Institute at The Art Institute of Charlotte, Chef has built an extensive resumé working in many restaurants and private events. After his experience as an Event Chef, and responsibilities a different restaurants,  Chef Tyree was offered a position at the Peninsula Country Club in Cornelius. He worked  at the Peninsula for five years –  building a clientele base for his catering business ‘Crisp’.  With his increased level of experience, Chef Tyree had the confidence to pursue bigger avenues – opening his own restaurant and donating a percentage of the earnings  to local charities. 


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