It’s Easter and many of us won’t be with our extended families and friends this year. All of us at LKNConnect want to wish you a safe and happy holiday. We hope that all of us can count on the blessings that we have and endure the next few weeks with patience and kindness. There are many small things that we can do to add a bit of cheery Spring to our lives. Interior decorator Sue Zimmerman has some simple suggestions.  — EH Stafford, Managing Editor



Why spruce up your space in the first place?

Every Spring, we get that urge to change things up, and what better place to start than your home. Just the thought of fresh new pillows in bright Spring hues brings a smile to my face!


Start small, but with a big impact

The first advice I give to new decorating clients is to get the most bang for your buck — both in cost and visual impact. Don’t be afraid to add a few new pillows to your sofa in a bright, contrasting color. These small additions go a long way and can easily be swapped out. I’d suggest trying retailers such as Walmart, Ross, and Home Goods. Online you can checkout,,



Patterns are good, learn to mix them up

While you’re looking for big impact pieces choose patterns, and by all means mix them up! One of the most common questions I get asked is how do we mix patterns; do stripes and plaids go together? Can florals and geometrics sit next to each other — the short answer is YES!

Don’t make the mistake of becoming too ‘matchy-matchy’, that doesn’t create memorable design. You’ll always remember the sofa with a mix of florals, stripes, geometric patterns and various textures. The key here is to experiment because there is no hard and fast rule. Set some pillows side by side, stand back and see how they feel together. I think once you step out of the box, you’ll see this is easier than you thought.


Lots of colors play well together, just give them a try

Now that you’re becoming comfortable with patterns, start mixing colors that you wouldn’t normally try. Remember, in design the unexpected with a purpose is what draws the eye. This is easily accomplished with color. Throw a coral, lime green, and yellow pillow on your sofa and see what happens! The beauty of color is its ability to ellicit a response. When I think of coral, lime and yellow I think Spring and new beginnings. This new-beginnings feel is what you’re going for in a home refresh, so grab those vibrant fabrics with colors and patterns and get creative.


A whole new look with just a couple simple changes

We’ve just talked about pillows in this segment and that’s a great, easy way to start adding a Spring refresh to your home. Once you’ve added some bold new pillows, try a contrasting throw blanket. Throws add an element of both color and texture to your space, elevating your design to the next level.






Sue Zimmerman is a real estate broker with the Sarver Group at Keller Williams Lake Norman who is also passionate about interior decorating. Originally from Illinois, Sue moved to the Lake Norman area in 2013. She has been transforming living spaces as well as staging homes for real estate sales for over 15 years. Contact her at Visit her website at






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