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YOU can become a Whipped Cream Rockstar!

It’s easier than you think and much tastier too!

Brrrr … there’s a chill in the air! I actually broke out my infamous earmuffs yesterday for the first time this season. As the holidays draw near, I was cycling through different recipes that I could share with you. The one that I kept coming back to again and again is the simple of the simplest, BUT a total game-changer for your homemade desserts: Real Whipped Cream.

Homemade pumpkin pie

When you proudly place your famed “made with love” pumpkin pie on the dessert table, are you really going to ruin it by drowning it under a billowy sea of Redi-Whip or Cool Whip?

I won’t get on my soapbox about the chemicals hiding in those billowy clouds, but instead I will share a recipe with you to make your own whipped cream.

So, walk toward the light with me and let’s make some homemade …

REAL whipped cream or chocolate whipped cream.


1 Cup – Heavy Cream

1/4 Cup – Powdered Sugar (sometimes called Confectioner’s Sugar)

2 Tbsp. – Cocoa Powder

1/2 tsp. – Vanilla Extract (real, rather than imitation vanilla, will give you the best tasting whipped cream)

It is always best to put your bowl and mixing whisk in the refrigerator to chill before you start.



The mixer bowl and the whip attachment.

Mix and set aside for the moment

The powdered sugar and cocoa (if using) in a little bowl.


The heavy cream into the mixer bowl and start the mixer on low, then slowly increase to medium.


The powdered sugar cocoa mixture gradually to the heavy cream while the mixer is on. (Decrease the speed to control the “clouds” of the powder.)

Gradually increase the mixer back to medium and continue whipping until soft peaks form.

Soft peaks will form after you add the powdered sugar/cocoa mixture.

Turn off the mixer and add the vanilla

Continue to whip until stiff peaks form.

Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to 3 days.

Now, you are a whipped cream Rockstar …

and have a topping worthy of any of your edible labors of love this holiday season.

Real whipped cream will wow your guests when you put a dollop on hot chocolate!

Happy Holidays!

Whipped cream photos courtesy Maria Kemp
Pumpkin pie and hot chocolate photos courtesy of
Pastry Chef
Maria Kemp
Beyond Decadence

In 2017, Maria established Beyond Decadence as Lake Norman’s first and only pop-up bakery specializing in American, gluten-free, and French desserts. As Pastry Chef and Owner of Beyond Decadence, Maria Kemp wears many hats on any given day.

In her words, “At the end of the day, awards, accolades, recognition, being a French Pastry School alumni simply don’t matter if I don’t consistently produce a remarkable product or craft a memorable private virtual baking experience. My goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations on every level and/or tantalize their taste buds. I thrive on and gain inspiration from building relationships with my clients and finding ways to share my knowledge to demystify the art of baking. I don’t deviate with every latest fad; I stay focused in areas where my skills can truly shine. I am deeply humbled and proud to have earned the privilege of becoming a thought-leader/speaker in the entrepreneurial community and private baking instructor for several corporations.”

You can connect with Maria at or contact her directly at

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