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LKNConnect’s Managing Editor Margi Kyle, shares her experience after an hour in the Tachyon Chamber hosted by TorchBearer Tachyon. I was invited to experience an hour in the Tachyon Chamber, in Cornelius, off Zion Ave. A house filled with healing services. Massage, Reflexology and so much more. Owner Adrienne Craighead offered me an hour to see for myself.

Adrienne Craighead owner TorchBearer Tachyon

Owner Adrienne Craighead offered me an initial 44-minute session to see for myself.

Having studied Reiki and Reflexology over the years. I experienced new sensations through the tachyon chamber experience. I am not good at meditation and don’t think about just sitting and letting my mind go where it wants to go. I have always thought that I needed to be productive and make good use of every minute. Reiki and Reflexology were techniques to help me with pain. I have suffered over five major car accidents over the years. When I was 16, I was told I would not walk again. I had a year to sit and not be able to do anything. Meditation seemed like a waste of time. Boy was I wrong!

Comments from Tachyon Participants

Who knew that through Meditation, you can rejuvenate your mind and body? As you enter the room where the tachyon chamber is set up, you are welcomed by a soft colorful glowing light (that cycles through the entire spectrum) which gives you energy. A recliner chair and warm blankets made with love and soft beautiful music. With meditation, you have to make the experience happen. Not like a massage that instantly makes you feel good.

“I then was given a soft pillow for my head. Eye covers and earphones. Tachyon Rods were placed in both my hands.” — Margi Kyle

The experience started

Mega Power Rods

The rods (called Mega Power Rods) are listed on the manufacturer’s website as being loaded with “Source Love” in addition to packing a powerful punch of tachyons. Not to get too technical — but tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Weighing in at a pound a piece, these rods will immediately pulse tachyon through your whole body. Tingling started immediately and the energy from the light and rods was amazing. It was an hour of meditation I have never experienced!

I have always believed that you are what you think, feel, eat, and live. I had an hour of gratitude for my life, family, experiences, and future. No matter what that holds. It was a peace I have never known.

The past 3 years have changed everyone. No one escaped the affects of Covid and all the other problems we are experiencing. I didn’t realize how important it was to take care of me! We get so caught up in our lives we don’t realize what we need. To me, this was a life changing experience, and I am very grateful. I plan to make this a regular part of my self-care routine.  

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Review and photos by TouchBearer Tachyon and Margi Kyle
Margi Kyle – The Designing Doctor

Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

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