by Amy Leon
Huntersville resident and TBNCF Board member

The word “Community” has several definitions. It may simply be a group of people living in the same place. Or having a particular characteristic in common. Or even a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.


The Brown Note Community Foundation

It’s this last one that resonates most with The Brown Note Community Foundation or (TBNCF). This non-profit organization is new to the Lake Norman area and has a simple, yet profound mission—empowering the individual to make a positive change.


This small organization, founded and run by Lake Norman community member, former educator, wife and mother of two boys, Sarah Varnado, is supported by a board of directors and volunteers. Currently all of their funding comes from community donations.


2019 objectives

To engage neighbors in a conversation around community support. Begin building a unique mobile coffee shop, which will be used as a fundraiser for school programs in the Lake Norman area.


Short story dinner series

In an effort to reach their goals – TBNCF is launching a “Short Story Dinner Series”. Their vision is to engage residents of Lake Norman in a conversation around community support. What does that look like on an individual level? How to strengthen those ties in a growing city? And of course, have fun while doing it.


What is it?

The short story dinner series is a chance to come together, learn something, eat delicious food and make a difference—just by showing up.


This Wednesday, July 31st—there’s still time to register!

The first installment, entitled “A Conversation about Self-Care” is coming up on Wednesday, July 31st from 6pm to 7:30pm. There’s still time to secure your spot.


Yoga instructor, Julie Delesdernier


It starts with 30 minutes of yoga, followed by a light dinner

You’ll get 30-minutes of yoga led by Julie Delesdernier, followed by a light dinner provided by Cafe 100 and gluten-free sweets from Katie’s Konfections.





Naturopath Sandra Stewart


Our group discussion

On the topic of  “Self-Care”, will be led by Holistic Health Practitioner and Traditional Naturopath, Sandra Stewart.







Tickets are $20 and enters you into the Self-Care Giveaway sponsored by First Float, PAINT Nail Bar, and Lake Norman YMCA!

To register, simply visit and head to the bottom of the page for “Upcoming Events”.


Don’t miss our next event, “A Non-profit Conversation”

If you’re busy on the 31st, there’s another great option on Saturday, August 31st, entitled “A Nonprofit Conversation” open to nonprofit leaders and residents of the community. All too often the desire to get involved is ever-present, but the “how” is the tough part. Let the TBNCF “Short Story Dinner Series” be your first step in making your “how” happen.




Amy Leon is a Huntersville resident and proud board member of The Brown Note Community Foundation. Amy is a former journalist, Co-Owner of CKO Kickboxing and works with Bank of America in Charlotte.