How do I pick the dog that is the perfect match for me?

With a little research you can pick a dog that is the perfect match for you. There are many helpful websites that offer quizzes to see what dog best fits your lifestyle and the amount of time you have to devote to training and cultivating a great relationship.

You may need to try a few of these websites because each one approaches picking out a dog a little differently depending upon their point of view. Here are just a few examples from my Google search how do I pick the dog that’s best for me:


Rottweiler puppy

This cute, little rottweiler puppy will grow up to be a very large dog. Doing a little research about dog breeds can help find the best match for you.


All of the above quizzes are for pure-bred dogs. These dogs have the advantage of breed traits like friendliness, high-energy or retrieving. However, there are usually waiting lists for puppies and they typically cost a lot more than the average shelter adoption fee.

It is still a good idea to try some of these quizzes simply to clarify in your mind what traits you would like to see in the dog you bring home. I found great tips and additional information on all of these websites.


Papillon dog

Specialized breeds like this papillon dog require specialized grooming to maintain that adorable look.


Adopting a rescue or shelter animal

Often a mixed breed dogs have lower chances of developing genetic health problems, have the potential to live longer, and/or avoid interbreeding temperament issues. (Make Mine a Mutt) They are also much cheaper than a pure-bred dog, the typical adoption fee from a rescue or shelter runs from $150 to $400 and often includes spaying/neutering, age-appropriate shots, and some even include extras like a crate or toys.


Lake Norman area rescues and shelters

The biggest advantage to adopting a dog from a local shelter is the ability to visit and see how the dogs interact with each other and how they interact with you. Here are just a few of the Lake Norman rescue and shelter organizations (Google search “where can I adopt a pet in the Lake Norman area”):

Good luck with your search and we hope you enjoy your new dog!


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