CORNELIUS NC: About 60 women attended the first meeting of the Lake Norman Business Network for Women (LKNBNW) this morning at Old Town Public House (OTPH). The new group is a women’s chapter of the all-inclusive and successful networking group Lake Norman Small Business Network (LKNSBN). They meet once per month on the 1st Tuesday of the month. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 3rd, 9 am at OTPH.



Attendees at the first meeting of LKNBNW at OTPH.

Expanding, not replacing networking opportunities

Organized by Tara Attwood, Branch Manager/Loan Officer at Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. (RMS), the group is intended to expand the networking opportunities for women in the Lake Norman region. As a fast-growing chapter of LKNSBN, members are encouraged to attend meetings for both groups. Just like LKNSBN, this group is welcoming, cooperative, apolitical and free for women professionals and business owners.




Why a women’s group?

“Women are positive and collaborative. I wanted to create an open opportunity to fulfill the need for warm connections in an inviting atmosphere,” said Attwood when asked about starting the group. She explained that the new chapter was a natural fit to the parent group, LKNSBN.





Jim Vogel showing his “goose bumps” as he introduces Tara Attwood, Founder of the LKNBNW chapter of LKNSBN.


Case Warnemunde, Tara Attwood, and Jim Vogel


Special thanks to Jim Vogel and Case Warnemunde

For their encouragement and support in starting the new chapter. Jim Vogel, Founder of I.M.U. Social Media, is the Founder and Chair of LKNSBN. Case Warnemunde is the Owner of OTPH. Both men were there for introductions at the beginning of the meeting.


Vogel talked about having “goose bumps” over the excitement of having so many women interested in supporting the new chapter. Attwood mentioned the enthusiasm with which both men embraced her vision of a women’s networking group when she first approached them.






Tara Attwood, LKNBNW Founder and Heidi Scott, Owner of Frugal Fox Bookkeeping. Heidi helped sign up 15 women for the Lake Norman Community Blood Drive.

Lake Norman Community Blood Drive

There is a friendly competition going on between the two groups to see how many people each group can sign up for the Blood Drive on September 11th. Fifteen women signed up for an appointment to give blood at this morning’s meeting. If you missed your opportunity to sign-up, please feel free to use this link.


Why are you here?

I spoke with many of the women and listened to the many reasons for each of them to support and attend LKNBNW. It’s a great group and I will definitely be attending the next meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd, 9 am at OTPH. Meetings will typically last about an hour.


“Positive energy!”
—Enyonam Mortoo, Yevs Tax & Accounting


“I’m here to support Tara and to give back kindness to the community.”
—Lorilee Krebsbach, Costello


Shiloh Qasserras and her daughter, Nisreen.



“Women are what makes my company thrive. I believe in supporting women.”
—Shiloh Qasseras, Chicken Salad Chick Catering


“Tara’s a great person so I got out of my comfort zone to support her and the other women in our community.”
—Donna Galinsky, Allen Tate


“Obviously, to expand our network in the Lake Norman community. But more importantly, to network with other women because women support women.”
—Courtney Nilsen, TriMaxx Graphics


“I’ve known Tara Attwood for many years. Anything she touches is golden.”
—Jan Black, Jan Black Photography


“Love Wednesdays. [LKNSBN meetings] We know Tuesdays will be the women’s version of Wednesdays!”
—Joanna Phelan, Town & Country Design and Interiors