Wine:  How well do you know your wine?  Can you tell why you like one wine better than another?  Do you know how to truly asses a glass of wine? Here are some wine tips from LKNConnect’s Section on Wine Talk. The articles below come to LKNConnect from Stephanie Roberts, WSET® Certified Sommelier. Additional Articles discussing the Art of Wine Drinking can be found at the bottom of this article.

Let’s Talk Wine – First Impressions

Do first impressions matter?

Absolutely! Like with everything, first impressions matter.

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What Can the Nose Tell Me About The Wine?

The nose can reveal more about the wine than the appearance and palate, Find out how.

What Can The Taste Tell Me About the Wine?

The final step in assessing a glass of wine, after looking at the wine and then smelling the wine, is through taste.

Image Courtesy: Stephanie Roberts

Stephanie Roberts, WSET® Certified Sommelier, empowers people to drink better wine. Through unique and tailored wine experiences, she demystifies wine and all its complexities and teaches people how to recognize a wine’s journey from a grape in the vineyard to the wine in your 

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Talking About Wine
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