The Three Keys to Getting New Business: Trust – Part 3 of 3

This article is the 3rd part in a series of three articles on Getting New Business. Read part 1 on how you can get your clients to know you and part 2 on how you can get them to like you. — EH Stafford, Managing Editor


Getting your clients to Trust you

— Do they trust you?



This is the most crucial part because if they don’t, they’ll keep a kung-fu grip on their wallets (nod, to Meet the Parents photo below). Thus, we ask naturally, “how do I get them to trust me?”

Well, you’ve built trust by having the first two keys. They know you because they can find and research your business. They like you because they know who they’re doing business with. Now they need one more thing to completely trust you.


Have trust and they won’t hold onto their wallets like this, LOL!



No one should have to guess what it’s like doing business with you. The more transparent you are with them the less inhibitions they have. Transparency can be applied in four aspect of your business.


Pricing & Policies

If you can, list your prices or at least a goalpost range of them. This is more powerful than you think because it serves as a gatekeeper to your brand. If you don’t want tire-kickers, then list your prices. Those that can’t afford it will go away on their own. The more refined your branding is the better you’re gatekeeping will be. Further, any crucial policies they need to know should be listed, told to them or both. No one like surprises when it comes to money. Thus, when they spend it let them know what’s next.



Outline the steps you’ll take to solve their problem. Branding hack — give those steps a branded name to make it sound unique. It conveys exclusivity and increases value. There’s a reason why McDonalds has a “McEverything.” You can only get it there. Creating a branded process makes your brand seem like its existed longer than it has, giving clients more reason to trust you. It also makes the next transparent process easier.



The most powerful marketing is the one that’s completely transparent. They hide nothing. They tell you how they get you to buy, why it works and even why they’re telling you. Brands who market this way instill a higher level of trust. People see they have nothing to hide. They don’t fear doing business with them because they told the truth. People respect that and you always trust someone you respect. In order to keep their trust, you have to do something, you may not always want to do.


Best Interest

We all need business; especially now. What if you can do the job but you’re not the best fit? Those are two different things. If you’re not the best fit let them know and refer them to someone who is.

Referring them is key because leaving them off on their own doesn’t convey trust, it subliminally says you don’t care. Doing what’s in their best interest even if it means you don’t make money seals trustworthiness in their mind. They’ll either come back when they are a good fit or refer someone who is.

An amazing brand

By making sure clients know, like and trust you you’ll speed your transition from a business to an amazing brand. Until next time much success to you.



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