Hope House Foundation is LKNConnect’s Outstanding Non-profit for October 2019. Week 1 we were introduced to Hope House and its mission, week 2 we learned about its place in our community, week 3 we learned about volunteering, and week 4 we learned about an innovative program. —EH Stafford, Managing Editor


We can’t operate without our volunteers

The Hope House Foundation depends on volunteers to help us successfully run our 4,000 square foot home on four acres. Volunteers are the heart of Hope House and the foundation seeks volunteers to help in a variety of ways. We seek to partner with the community in expanding opportunities for not only the residents of Hope House but also for the community. Hope House is a supportive housing environment that exists to provide the community with a place to serve with their time, talent and treasure.


The success of The Hope House Foundation depends on the efforts and enthusiasm of many volunteers. They perform a variety of tasks necessary to provide a safe and comfortable home for our guests. Volunteers’ express their hospitality by interacting with our guests, treating them with dignity, respect and genuine concern for their well-being. Without volunteers Hope House would not exist. Our success lies in the ability of our volunteers to put a human face on the tragedy of homelessness and to develop relationships with guests based on mutual respect.



Ways to help make hope happen…

Currently the Hope House offers volunteer opportunities to serve in the house for a three-hour shift. Volunteers undergo a two-hour training and background check and must be at least 18 years old. While not required, volunteers are encouraged to share their skills and talents in a variety of ways that could include a workshop or mentoring relationship. We offer skill workshops designed to help and improve the lives of the women and children living at Hope House. Recently, the guests participated in a safety training and learned new skills to be safe in the community.



The Hope House is situated on over four acres and has gardens that are in need of volunteers to help maintain. Volunteers are also encouraged to help with fundraising and special events in the public that help build awareness and education. Volunteers are also needed for the children of Hope House. Babysitting during workshops is always appreciated and tutors are encouraged to help with school projects and homework. Some of our residents require GED tutoring and the children need homework help. Our residents feel cared for with baked goods, meals, and treats.


Hope Coaches show their support

Hope Coaches are volunteers who reach out weekly with words of encouragement and a phone call showing their support to our residents. Volunteers are matched with residents who have similar areas of interest and are encouraged to share their positive experiences with the guests.


As volunteers develop relationships with our guests, they become a helping force by focusing on our guests’ strengths and capabilities. This focus helps create empowerment and as guests begin to feel empowered, they mobilize their own internal and external resources to take action and solve problems.


For more information and to volunteer or donate

Contact Hope House Foundation.


Debbie O'Handley, Executive Director


Debbie O’Handley has dedicated her career to finding hope and healing for homeless women and children. By focusing on the quality of life of this vulnerable population, Debbie has worked hard to create sustainable programs for families to feel safe, proud, and provide opportunities for parents to partner with their children for a brighter future.


In 2014, Hope House Foundation hired Debbie as their Executive Director. She brings her experience interacting with key decision-makers, community leaders, and family support agencies to raise awareness of the plight of the situationally homeless. In 2016, Debbie was voted as one of the seven top area not-for-profit leaders in the Lake Norman community.