We drink water every day (at least we’re supposed to), But are we Drinking ?

You may think that all purified water is good enough! It’s all the same, right?

The truth is water treated by distillation and reverse osmosis takes “the good”

out with “the bad”, leaving us with Acidic/Dead Water that contains no minerals.

Conventional filtration methods often remove everything and strip water bare,

leaving almost nothing but water molecules. That’s great for removing toxins and

waterborne diseases, but it doesn’t retain any of the other beneficial elements of water. That’s why Dream Tree Family uses a proprietary process called Ceramic Conversion to bring your

water back to life! We put the right things back in so you can drink water the way nature intended.

First, let’s explain what alkaline means.

The alkalinity and acidity of any solution can be measured using a pH scale.

This scale measures the concentration of hydrogen ions, from 0-14, in water.

On the pH scale, 7 is considered neutral, below 7 acidic, and above 7 is alkaline.

The quality of our drinking water today continues to be of great concern to many.

Most of us want the best water available for consumption, and we believe the

The healthiest water on the market today is alkaline water.

Years of scientific and medical research have gone into its development,

and recent studies are revealing the great benefits alkaline water can provide.

See for yourself the difference-I don’t want to drink the Tap Water


Water is a contributing factor in establishing and maintaining a proper acid-alkaline

balance. Since our body is 50-75% water, it is imperative to replenish our supply

of water regularly. Our body loses 2.5 liters (84.53 ounces) of water daily,

and we need to replace it. 

The quality of our water is an essential part of health and plays a role in life-and-death, as does the quantity we consume. The water we drink must be able to help us prevent chemical

substances and toxins from growing and damaging cells within our bodies.

It must transport minerals and nutrients required for cell metabolism and remove

any elements that can harm cells. Ideally, the water we drink should have a

PH between 8 and 10. The amount we drink depends on our body size,

climate, and our exercise regimen.

To hydrate our bodies optimally, we need to drink water that is alkaline.

It will help us to neutralize stored acids and toxins and remove them from our bodies.

Alkaline water containing minerals also acts as a conductor of electrochemical

activity from cell to cell. Reports from studies suggest that it may help our bodies,

fight sickness and the aging processes by: 

• Increasing intracellular hydration

• Restoring essential minerals

• Stabilization and protection of cells

• Helping to maintain healthy blood circulation and acid-alkaline stability

• Flushing waste from accumulating in cells

• Preventing free radicals from forming and harming other cells

A trip to their store is worth it the first time. They do deliver and really worth the extra trouble. We are what we eat and drink!

Our secret lies in our patented process that utilizes hydrogen, activated ceramics, and a State-of-the-Art System that naturally removes the oxygen free radicals and re-energizes your water.

KImberly Frey Boyd married to David Boyd. We have been in the Carolinas since 1996.  We have 5 grown children and 13 grandchildren. I spent 20 years in technology sales to the financial industry and left that looking for my passion. 

 In June of 2019 I visited my mother who had cancer in Orange Texas.  The water has always been bad in Orange Texas, so I reached for her bottled water.  I tasted the smoothest water I have ever had and asked; What is this magic?  She replied “its Water Tree Water, you should go visit their store” so I did just that. Her oncologist had recommended she drink alkaline water.

 I visited again in February 2020 and to make a long story short I was introduced to the Dream Tree Corporation and the Water Tree Opportunity.   There are Water Tree Stores all over Texas but none in NC nor could I Find  any water that compared   I saw the opportunity for myself and my husband David to build a retirement business,  I was laid off during Covid so I spent much time planning and preparing to open this business, which is a totally new concept for this area.  We opened in April 2021. Our mission to change hearts and minds on how and what water they are drinking.

Do your Mind, Body and Spirit a Favor! Book an appointment and see for yourself. The New and Best way to Heal yourself.

Location: 294 West Plaza Drivre. E5, Mooresville, NC 28117. Phone number 980- 443- 3898. lknalkalinewatertree@gmail.com

Review and photos by WaterTree and Margi Kyle
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Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

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