Address: 167 Pinnacle Ln, Mooresville, NC 28117

Yes, you’ll find Oysters in Lake Norman!

Summertime is “that time”.   

It’s our favorite time of year around these parts since living on the Lake spoils us to enjoy the water in so many ways. The locals know you can eat at a handful of places right on the water year-round, but there is just something about summer that makes it even better. From the warm temperatures to all the boat fun of fishing, skiing, and tubing, there is much time filled dragging coolers around and flip flopping around in shorts and sandals. Some of the best fun is pulling up on your boat, or watching others pull up on their boats to sit under a dockside place to eat under a shady umbrella. Ah, I can see tropical drinks and umbrellas now! Literally, yes, I can, at the table next to mine!

Debbie’s favorate way to start her meal!

Toucan’s drink concoctions are tropical and refreshing.

On weekends like today they have a musician playing a guitar inside and the place is buzzing with a laid-back vibe. The seating on the deck goes quickly and since there are no reservations here it’s a good idea to get there early if you have plans to watch the sunset. If you miss the sunset its ok, it’s just as relaxing to watch the boats come and go and the people roaming around the grounds or lounging in the surrounding sitting areas located between the deck and the water’s edge. It’s even fun to watch the staff. They are in bright florescent colored t-shirts and every one of them has a cheerful smile as they bop back and forth serving customers. I make sure to choose my purple-colored drink and settle in under a yellow umbrella at our table since we did in fact make it while the sun was still up.

The view from the Deck is Beautiful and looking forward to the sunset!

A Foodies Seafood Dream!

That was my first impression when roaming through the giant menu, even though there were varies types of food choices including sandwiches, steaks, Mexican choices, and burgers. For me it was an easy choice being in the mood for everything seafood tonight!!  Plus, my very cute, prompt and courteous server told me the fish was enormous and the oysters are a real favorite. Ready for a foodie feast we ordered the Oysters Rockefeller, Crab cakes, Snow crab claws and Fish platter.

Real Oysters Rockefeller- Delicious!

I think I will need a ton of napkins and a water hose since I already know how to melt butter and I operate. oh, turns out we have our own roll of paper towels right on our table, that’s a relief, I plan to go through most of them!

Snow Crab Claws
Delicious Crab Cakes

 Sunset on Lake Norman is just magical

Folks gather along the edges of the deck and stop what they are doing on their boats, we place our forks down to just gaze at the sun in those quick seconds to not miss that magical moment, reaching for a loved one to hug or a glass to clink as a reminder of the glorious day and this amazing, beautiful place. We are all in that same frozen state of “Awe” until the blazing sun disappears and is replaced with the neon lights that beam in the night on the perimeter of the outside deck giving everything a warm blue glow. With a few boats left and full bellies, it’s time to leave with many take home containers. I will plan my trip back.  It’s truly a tropical surprise day and night!

Toucan’s’ Restaurant: 167 Pinnacle Ln, Mooresville, NC 28117

Photos by Debbie Amyotte

Debbie Amyotte
Debbie Amyotte

Debbie Amyotte is a self-proclaimed “Giant FOODIE”. She loves everything about food from fine dining to hidden gems that only the locals know about. Traveling is a big passion and she has visited about 30% of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Grami to two awesome grandkids she visits them as much as she can. Sundays at her house, are meant for two things: church and football!

She is active in the community as a Rotary member, the organizer for Ladies Luv Adventures in Lake Norman, and she hosts a monthly mystery book club called A Good Night for Murder.

Her professional life includes being a travel agent for Travel Bee Adventures, and a local, independent, contracted pet sitter — caring and understanding special pet needs. Contact Debbie by email,

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