ANIMAL CITY HAVEN: Are YOU ready to be a HERO?

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Fostering — it’s easier than you think!

Did you know that most dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day? And cats, well they’re up near 18 hours a day. So, what do these tidbits of info have to do with you attaining hero status?

You are needed — Local animal shelters are filling up

It’s no secret that our local shelters and rescues are full to brimming over with pets looking for a new home. When most rescues are full, they just stop taking in more pets.

 Our municipal shelters don’t have that luxury. They must take animals surrendered to them. But what happens when our municipal shelters are maxed out? The sad truth is that they must euthanize to make space.

Foster families

Help alleviate that space constraint. Quite literally you’ll be saving lives. Thus, the hero status is awarded. If you have a bathroom, closet or extra room with a door you are primed for receiving a hero cape.

Need more reasons to foster? Here’s a not so short list:

  1. Fostering is temporary. Hero status is forever.
  2. If you’re thinking of adopting, fostering is a fantastic way to see if you are really ready without the lifetime commitment.
  3. If you have pets, it helps your furry kids learn social skills.
  4. Perfect opportunity to work on those matchmaking skills to help find your foster an ideal forever home.
  5. The cuteness factor is HIGH.
  6. You can provide valuable details about the animal’s personality that can help them get adopted.
  7. That lucky animal is in your home — not in a cage at the shelter.
  8. It costs nothing but a bit of your time. And some pats, scratches and kind words!
  9. Foster pets learn what love is, maybe for the first time.
  10. Having a pet in your home increases the joy in your life.
  11. Remember the part about them sleeping most of the time?
  12. What better way to show your kids the benefits of kindness and generosity?
  13. Fostering is flexible. Only have a few days? That’s OK! You can still foster, even for a short time.
  14. The feeling of fulfillment you get when your foster pet is adopted into their forever home is not to be missed.

So many good reasons!

Reach out to a shelter or rescue today to find out how you can foster a pet in need. And don’t forget to wear your cape!

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Leah Henrichsen
Animal City Haven

After a car accident in 2019, Leah founded AnimalCity. This non-profit organization is dedicated to rehoming pets whose people have passed away or who have become incapacitated. AnimalCity does this by helping pet parents make a detailed plan for each of their pets. And then they help enact that plan. Check out the website at AnimalCity is a haven for orphan pets! 

Last Spring our Director of Non-profits, Margi Kyle, interviewed Leah Henrichsen about the mission and beginning challenges of starting her non-profit, Animal City Haven. Click here to view the video. — EH Stafford, Managing Editor.

In 2022, LKNConnect will feature outstanding non-profits and service organizations in the Lake Norman community. Margi Kyle, Director of Non-Profits at LKNConnect and Founder of Little Smiles NC, will be sharing these great organizations with you. — EH Stafford, Managing Editor

Contact Margi Kyle, at

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