Feeling stuck in your own world?

Pamela R.H. Lue-Hing, The Powerhouse Coach in Motion, can get you out and moving in the right direction by taking one or several of her online courses. Maybe you would rather read one of her 9 books to get you going on the correct path. She is a POWERHOUSE in MOTION. I believe in coaches and mentors, and she has mentored me for about 15 years.

The difference between coaching and mentoring is, coaching focuses on the present and future possibilities and helps set goals, get you unstuck, and turn dreams into reality. A mentor serves as a role model and shares extensive experiences and provides expertise and guidance. A mentor also corrects, and at times, confronts their mentee and holds them accountable.

We only have one life to live, and I want to make sure I live it to my fullest potential. Having mentored many people myself, I see the value. Take a minute and make a list of all the people you admire and wish you were half the person they were. Who stands out the most? Go and find them and learn how they got there.

Pamela discusses the 7 areas of well-being.

Knowing Pamela has been a life changing experience!
  1. Purpose: Why was I created? Are you living your biggest dream? Have you achieved all your goals on your bucket List? If not, it may be time to revisit your list.
  2. Mental: How are you feeling? Down, depressed, sad, overwhelmed, frustrated or as they say down south, “Blessed.”
  3. Emotional: Your emotions are the glue that is holding you together? How are you managing your emotions? Emotional management is the key to your sucess.
  4. Financial: Money begins in your mind. How much do you need to do the things you were created to do? How well do you manage your money?
  5. Intellectual: How are you investing in you? Are you learning new things every day? Never stop learning and growing.
  6. Social: Get a mentor. Who do you relate to? Who are connected to? What organizations do you belong to? I have always aimed to work and be friends with people who I feel are better than I am. Aim high and work with the best. I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Burnett while I was in college. I asked her what she attributed to her success. “I always work with people I feel are better than I am.”
  7. Soul: What do you believe? Are you walking the walk and talking the talk. Never stop learning and growing.

If you feel you keep hitting a brick wall, go on www.Powerhouseinmotion.com and sign up for some of Pamela’s free courses and her free 30-phone consultation. 1-877-8COACHP.

Pamela also likes people to create a “Y” list.

She will also help you Build your Business, Brand, Presence, Audience and Plan. In the meantime, answer the three questions below.  

  1. What are YOU good at doing? Begin with what YOU are good at!
  2. Who touches your heart and energizes YOU when you think about helping them?
  3. What are the needs YOU see that needs to be filled? Find a need and fill it!

Pamela’s new book- ‘Powerhouse Coach in Motion’

In her dedication she said- “Two words could not be more befitting for the greatest force in my life: My Mother.”

Mom was with us for the entire hour. What a beautiful bond they have!

Who inspires you? Are you living your life full of purpose and passion? If not, perhaps you need a coach? Pamela Lue-Hing is the coach for you!

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