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The Journey of a Warrior

Historically, men were warriors. They protected their families, their land and their homes.  Being a man in today’s society is fortunately not as dangerous, however, it stll has its challenges. Sometimes us guys don’t always have the resources that our female counterparts have when it come to our overall well-being. You may have been raised to keep things in and not share our feelings, failures and challenges. Times have certainly changed and we are going to dive into this just a bit.

As a 50+ year old man, I refer back to the advice of my father that he got from his father often. I was fortunate to have that guidance which at the time, may have sounded corny or irrelevant. While I am no professional therapist, I have acquired much knowledge over the years and have always tried to impart that knowledge to my brothers when appropriate. This will not be a list that applies to everyone but I do hope anyone reading this pulls a few nuggets from it to help in their journey.

Your health should be a top priority

I have always believed that being proactive, when it comes to your health and wellness, is always the best strategy. Finding out you have an issue early most always gives you a path to recovery or even prevention from many health challenges. For me, this comes down to several key areas of focus on a day to day basis:

  1. Sleep – As someone who has worked in the Sleep business, I can tell you it is incredibly important to your overall health. Getting a ‘good’ 7-8 hours not only allows you to perform at your best every day, but it also prevents other ‘co-morbidities’ like heart disease, diabetes and other impactful health challenges. If you are not getting a good night sleep, I encourage you to talk to your Doctor and potentially get a sleep test. 
  2. Diet – We’ve all remember the food group triangle in school, 2 servings of this, 3 servings of that, eat your veggies, etc. etc. While this all may seem a bit cliché, it has tremendous merit, especially as we get older. Keeping track of what you eat and doing your best to get a good amount of proteins, carbs and fats, (yes we need those too), will not only make you feel better but it will translate to better health overall. Your body is a delicate machine that needs the right ingredients every day. I challenge you all to write down what you eat every day for a week. Visualizing it may help you make some positive changes!
  3. Exercise – I’m old enough to remember the dawn of Aerobics. You dressed in tight, colorful outfits and jumped around for an hour doing things most bodies just couldn’t. Luckily, we now have a plethora of exercise options from going to the gym, taking exercise classes, to yoga, bicycling, running, mediation and on and on the list goes. Choosing something that you will stick with is key. I can tell you as an avid gym goer, the ‘January Push’ is real. We all have the best of intentions with our New Year’s resolutions but sadly, most of us go back to our old ways right after the Superbowl. You know this is when we all eat more chicken wings and nachos than any other day of the year! Make a commitment to do things different this year and feel free to lose the leggings!
Man in Thought
Man in Thought
  1. Mental health – this topic has certainly gotten much more focus over the years, especially when it comes to our children. Growing up we were told to ‘suck it up’ and ‘just rub some dirt on it.’ While for me this has toughened me up when it comes to many aspects of my life, not everyone responded the same way. As a man in today’s society, it’s not comfortable to let anyone know you are struggling. Mentally, physically, or emotionally. Many of us just don’t have access to the resources to address them. As I have shared in my earlier columns, a strong Brotherhood is key. Be it family, friends or co-workers, finding a small circle that you can trust to share stuff with is more valuable than any of these previous areas. If you only remember one thing from this week’s story, find a brother. Not only to share your struggles with but also to listen. A local Police Chief recently shared publicly, ‘it’s OK not to be OK.’ If you are struggling, please make the time to find a friend or even a professional. Your mental health should be your number one priority.


What can you do?

I’m hopeful that some or all of this hits home with the guys out there. Ladies, feel free to send this to someone who may need a little coaxing. We all need to focus on being healthy, happy and taking care of ourselves and others. Life is precious. Regardless of which of these areas you may need to focus, check on those around you that may not see these helpful hints. In addition to these, I always want to encourage men to be leaders within their family, their jobs and their community. We need more of you to take on the attitude of leaving it better than we found it. What’s your passion and how can you make a difference?

Colin Furcht- BRO Beard Products CEO

Colin has been a long time Lake Norman resident and has been very active in the community. From Commissioner to founding the Lake Norman Lighted Christmas Boat Parade to now a featured Author and small business owner! His desire is to bring men together and encourage them to reach out. He has always said, ‘look out for yourselves and each other.’ All men need a Brotherhood.

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