How Pinky Swear’s Volunteer Community Keeps Us Strong

by Mary Catherine Penny, Marketing Intern
Pinky Swear Foundation


This is The Pinky Swear Foundation’s final article in the four-part series as our Outstanding Non-Profit for the month of September. We found out who they are, how you can help, met some of their All-Star children, and learned how we can volunteer. We hope you continue to follow their mission and their events in the future. —EH Stafford, Managing Editor



Volunteers are crucial to Pinky Swear’s mission

Heather Seibers and her 10-year-old daughter Isabel are an integral part of Pinky Swear’s amazing volunteer community in Charlotte, North Carolina. Without families like the Seibers, Pinky Swear Foundation would not be able to help the amount of families that we do.


Volunteer helping a triathlon participant with body marking. The markings indicate which child with cancer she is racing for.


Understanding our mission

Pinky Swear Foundation helps kids with cancer and their families when they need it most—right now. Once a child is diagnosed with cancer, their family not only has to worry about their sick child; they must still find a way to provide food, shelter, and transportation to and from hospitals. Pinky Swear eases financial stress by helping with these real, everyday needs. When parents don’t have to worry about how they are going to afford their mortgage payment, they can focus their energy into what’s most important—their child and family. Support from dedicated volunteers like the Seibers family is critical for us and the families that we help.


Our mission speaks to our volunteers

Heather Seibers describes how she relates with our mission. Heather exclaims, “As a mother to six and an ER nurse, I was drawn to the fact that Pinky Swear helps with the ‘real life stuff’. I can’t imagine deciding between the need to work, paying bills, putting food on the table, etc. and being there for my child during treatment.”


A young girl’s dedication

Isabel [center] and her team of family and friends.

Heather is time and again impressed by her daughter Isabel’s empathy and desire to help others at such a young age (and so are we). She recalls Isabel’s first event with Pinky Swear, the annual Kid’s Triathlon. Isabel was announced the top fundraiser for the event, but the most impactful part for her was meeting our All-Stars and their families.


Since seeing the impact she could make, Isabel developed a fierce dedication to helping others and has engaged her whole family with the Pinky Swear mission. Heather beams, “The connection that Isabel has been able to have with the All-Stars and their families is what keeps her going. To see the smiles, and to meet the people she is working to help—it’s what keeps her motivated”. We are so thankful for kids like Isabel and her family. She is a perfect example of our “kids helping kids” motto!


Don’t miss the Orange and Blue Gala on February 1st

Many of our amazing volunteers and supporters will be in attendance at this year’s Orange and Blue Gala in North Carolina…will you? To find out more information about this event on February 1, 2020 and how you can attend, check out Pinky Swear Foundation’s website:


Learn more

Visit for more information on volunteering, donating, and Pinky Swear Foundation’s programs.



Mary Catherine Penny is a senior at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN where she is studying advertising and public relations. Mary Catherine has found that using her marketing gifts at non-profit foundations is where she finds fulfillment. Currently, Mary Catherine is a marketing intern at the amazing Pinky Swear Foundation and a social media/advertising intern at Stephanie’s of Saint Paul, MN.






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