Pinky Swear’s All-Star Spirit for September



by Mary Catherine Penny, Marketing Intern
Pinky Swear Foundation



This is The Pinky Swear Foundation’s second article in the four-part series as our Outstanding Non-Profit for the month of September. We found out who they are, how you can help, met some of their All-Star children, and learned how we can volunteer. We hope you continue to follow their mission and their events in the future. —EH Stafford, Managing Editor



Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is a crucial time to spread awareness of the Pinky Swear Foundation mission–Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year, the Foundation created new ways to represent the children and families that we serve. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to unveil our NEW All-Star Ambassador and Pinky Partner programs.


Who is an “All-Star?”

Our very adorable All-Star Ambassador, River, from Charlotte, North Carolina.


Pinky Swear Foundation considers any of the children that we help an “All-Star.” We believe it is a very fitting title, considering the bravery and strength that these children possess. During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Pinky Swear Foundation wanted to create a new way to represent our amazing All-Stars and share more experiences of childhood cancer with our donors and the public. Read current All-Star stories here. []


All-Star Ambassadors

Our new All-Star Ambassadors will represent the children and families battling cancer that we serve all over the country. For the initial launch of our All-Star Ambassador program, we worked with several All-Star families in our core markets of Minnesota, North Carolina, and Iowa to create and share their journeys.


These stories are meant help our donors, corporate partners, and supporters see the impact of their support for Pinky Swear Foundation. All-Star testimonies also provide the general public a glimpse into what it is like to be affected by childhood cancer. All-Star Ambassadors have the opportunity to share their unique stories on many platforms, including mainstream and social media.


This NEW program will help expose more people to Pinky Swear’s mission while deepening relationships with our incredible All-Star families. All-Star River from North Carolina will be one of the first ever Pinky Swear All-Star Ambassadors. His mom is over joyed to have their family be representing Pinky Swear, stating “you can tell this organization truly cares about all the kids and families they help.”


An All-Star family enjoys a carefree day of fun, games, treats, and quality time together.


Pinky Partners

Pinky Partners is another NEW program that Pinky Swear Foundation is launching during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2019. Our Pinky Partners sign-up to make monthly on-going gifts that support Pinky Swear’s mission of helping families when they need it most – right now!


With these recurring and sustainable gifts, we can offer financial and emotional assistance to even more families who have a child battling cancer. Pinky Partners are crucial in providing a steady “base of community support that we can rely on—so families with kids battling cancer can rely on us.”


If you are interested in becoming a Pinky Partner, visit our website to learn more and sign-up today.


All-Star Jack (left) and his team gleam after crossing the finish line at this year’s MN Hy-Vee Pinky Swear Kid’s Triathlon.



Mary Catherine Penny is a senior at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN where she is studying advertising and public relations. Mary Catherine has found that using her marketing gifts at non-profit foundations is where she finds fulfillment. Currently, Mary Catherine is a marketing intern at the amazing Pinky Swear Foundation and a social media/advertising intern at Stephanie’s of Saint Paul, MN.






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