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We usually find our favorite food truck at a festival, faire, or local brewery — but what if you can’t wait? What if you want to find where your favorite one is today? We can connect you to Lake Norman food trucks with all types of cuisine and treats in our Food Truck Guide. You can click on the banner below to view the full listing of all food trucks. Or read on to take a look at food trucks by cuisine.

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Selecting from the navigation menu

You can choose from 11 kinds of cuisine by selecting Dining -> Casual Dining -> Food Trucks from our main navigation menu. (See photo below.) Or you can click on the links below.

Selecting a food truck by food type from our menus.


Burgers, hot dogs, spuds, chips, and more marvelous American food can be found here.


Authentic Asian food and dumplings here.

Ace of Spuds
Image Courtesy Of Ace of Spuds


Find your favorite BBQ truck here.


Caribbean, Cuban, your favorites here.


Your Dominican favorites here.

Fat Guy's Pizza
Image Courtesy: Fat Guy & a Slice


A taste of Hawaii here.


Pizza and more here.


Mediterranean, Lebanese, and fusion here.

Chizacos Food Truck
Image Courtesy: Chizacos Food Truck


Street tacos and more!


Your favorite crab and lobster here.

Sweets & Treats

Donuts, sweets, funnel cakes and other yummy treats here.

Funohcakes Food Truck
Image Courtesy: Funohcakes Food Truck
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The weather is HOT! Cool down with delicious frozen treats.

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