It takes a special person that feels comfortable, and has what it takes, to contact local businesses and explain the various programs that have been developed by

Are you that person and do you have those skills? began serving local Lake Norman Businesses in 2018. Since that time, has created directories that list over 400 local businesses. We are providing those businesses an opportunity to introduce themselves to the community and promote their products and services using our platforms.

At LKN Connect® our goal is to help engage the community while supporting local businesses and leaders with powerful connections, professional insights, and unique growth opportunities. The traffic to our sites has grown to tens of thousands of visitors weekly.

What does the job involve?

We need people to contact businesses and advise them how can help them educate the Lake Norman community of what they offer to their customers. One of the aspects of the job that you will be interested in is, setting your own work schedule. This makes the position a good fit for people that need flexible work hours. You will be expected to contact businesses and educate them on the features and benefits of working with

To give you an idea of the type of programs we offer, below is the basic program we provide. This basic program starts as little as $2 per day. This is only one of the various programs we use to help them drive customers to their website or social media platforms.

Basic Community Connection Program

The Community Connection Program is designed to help local Businesses develop an ongoing relationship with the Lake Norman Community. Each LKNConnect Featured Business begins with a Community Connection Page. The Community Connection Page is a Fee Program that involves a Setup Fee, Launch Fee, Maintenance Fee and a Subscription Fee.  The Total cost of the program is $720.00 for the first year and $540.00 per year afterwards.

The cost of the Landing Page/Launch requires 25% down. The remainder of the fee may be paid, 1. all at one time – 2. over 3 months – 3. over 6 months or 4. over 12 months.

How do I get paid?

This is a commission position. You will receive a percentage of the monthly rate the business pays for the service they select. If you have the skill set it will not take long to build up a sizable income.

Does this describe you and are you interested?

If so, check out and navigate the website. After doing that, contact Doug Fitzgerald at: to discuss the opportunity. The sky is the limit to what you can accomplish.  

Please share this announcement with your friends and contacts.