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Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms

On Friday, November 17th, Randy and Krisztina Miara opened their first jointly owned business:  Rita’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard of Lake Norman. It was a festive, fun grand opening event and the lovely autumn weather was an added bonus to augment the success of the day!

There was a large turnout for the event!

The first fifty people who arrived after 3:00 pm received a coupon book for four FREE Italian Ice Treats PER month for an entire year.  Although the lines were long for the coupon book and also long at the counter to order delicious treats – the smiles and laughter were plentiful.   


During the festive event, there was lively entertainment provided by Neighborhood Dance, Lake Norman High School Choir, Langtree Charter Academy Cheer Team and Jazz Band.

This trio of photos is provided by Krisztina Miara

 In addition, there was face painting and “try your luck for a prize” spin of the wheel.  Everybody wins!

People of all ages enjoyed the day!

The Ribbon Cutting

The actual Ribbon Cutting occurred at 4:00.  As the crowd gathered and announcements were made, the Miara family proudly stood together with Mooresville’s Chamber of Commerce President Kirk Ballard.

Getting ready to cut the ribbon!

Although the posed picture was taken with Kirk Ballard holding the ceremonial scissors, the actual “cutting of the ribbon” was done by Randy and Krisztina’s daughters.  Liliana and Lainey gleefully and confidently worked together to cut the banner – and the crowd cheered!

What to Expect at the Counter

If you like Italian Ice, Frozen Custard, Milkshakes, Sundaes and Frozen Drinks, Rita’s is the place for YOU!   They even have Custard Cookie Sandwiches. The best part – depending on your choice – is the calories are reasonable and so is the price. 

Meet the Owners

Randy Miara is from Sayreville, NJ .  Krisztina is originally from Budapest, Hungary. 

In 1999 – while Krisztina was a senior in high school in Budapest – the University of Nebraska – Lincoln recruited Krisztina and offered her a “full ride” if she would join their Track and Field Team.  She was a stellar athlete.  Her winning contributions to the team were in Triple Jump and Long Jump events; in fact, during her time at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, she earned third in the nation for those two Indoor Track & Field events and was an All-American in her sport.

The Early Years

Randy was a golf professional before working in the car industry.  Krisztina graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and later earned her Master’s Degree in HR from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.

Randy and Krisztina Miara met in Sayreville, NJ and were married in 2006.  After living in New Jersey for two years, they elected to move to Florida; however, after ten years, they had had enough of the heat and needed a change.  As a result, they moved “halfway back” and landed in North Carolina.

Both Randy and Krisztina have full time jobs. Currently, Randy is a Sales Director at a car dealership.  Krisztina works as a Human Resources Advisor for Siemens Corporation. 

In addition to their productive careers and opening their new business, Randy and Krisztina have two beautiful daughters:  Liliana (9) and Lainey (6).  Needless to say, they are juggling a lot on a daily basis – but they continue to smile and be grateful for their busy lives. 

Photo credit to Amy Murphy, Murphy’s Memories

Ironically, it is their daughter Liliana who inspired the husband and wife team to branch out and start their first business.  “We never dreamed of owning our own business,” states Krisztina.  “The thought never entered our minds. Then one day – our daughter Liliana told us that our jobs were boring and not cool.”  Shortly after that conversation with their daughter, they went – as a family – to Carowinds.  While there, they got excited to see Rita’s at the amusement park. Randy – remembering what his daughter had said about their careers — excitedly said, “Let’s just open up one of our own.”  Thirty minutes later, Randy was on the phone with a Rita’s representative.  Randy and Krisztina said, “We believe this will be a great way for the family to do something together.”

A Dream Come True

Cyndi Johnson – their real estate agent with The McAlphine Team of REMAX  – helped them find the perfect location.  Robb Brown of Lake Norman Architect and True Craft Builders, Inc. combined their talents to make the Miara Family’s dream come true!  And the rest is history!

Krisztina Miara and Real Estate Agent Cyndi Johnson

When asked why they chose to open the business in the Mooresville area, Krisztina replied, “We love this town!  It is a vibrant, family oriented community created by residents from all over the United States. Having the store will give us a good opportunity to be involved in the community and give back.” 

Both Randy and Krisztina admit that it is difficult to manage their careers, their family life, start a new business plus hire and train sixteen employees – however, it is exhilarating.  “We genuinely love being at Rita’s and personally serve our guests.  It is challenging to juggle everything in our lives – but it is tons of fun too,” states Krisztina proudly. “Owning a business is not like working for someone else.  We are fully invested – emotionally and financially.  We realize that Rita’s is a reflection of us!  We want Rita’s to be perfect and also the perfect place for all ages to enjoy a treat in a nice, clean environment.”

Their Motto

Rita’s doors are open for business and the owners’ motto is ingrained:  “We run this business around three main principals; fresh product, friendly staff and a clean store.”

 Drop by and check it out!

One More Thing Before You Go . . .

Next time you are craving a sweet treat . . . support a new small business in the Mooresville area . . . go to Rita’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard located at 243 Singleton Rd D4 (in the shopping area off of Morrison Plantation Parkway near  other local favorites:  Mi Amiche, Boondoggler’s Brewing Company, Lake Norman Butchery and Sweetpea Boutique.)


at 243 Singleton Rd D4, Mooresville, NC  28117

Article and Pictures by Tesa Jones

Photos courtesy of Tesa Jones

Tesa Jones is a graduate of Elon College, now Elon University, a mother of two, a grandmother of five, and she currently resides in Mooresville with her husband. She is a published author, an avid blogger, and a passionate photographer. Learn more about Tesa Jones at and contact her via:

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