“A thoughtful mind, when it sees a Nation’s flag, sees not only the flag, but the Nation itself.”

By: Henry Ward Beecher


Field of Flags

For 15 years, The Exchange Club of Mooresville / Lake Norman has created The Field of Flags to celebrate the pride of our nation. Each flag has a name tag that represents a person who did or still does protect our country and defend the ideals for which our nation stands. Ideals … Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for All. Ideals to pursue dreams, set goals, and embrace a way of life. Democracy. Each flag embodies a spirit of dedication. Hope is held within the hearts of each person who serves our country. The flags honor a service member or first responder who believes in the American way of life.



600 American flags for 600 people

The 2021 Field of Flags, presented by BestCo, is a testament of the pride each person carries with them. Some flags represent the ultimate sacrifice of a life given for our country. Other flags represent dedicated service in a branch of the Armed Forces or First Responders. In 2005, 484 American flags were placed on the football field of Mooresville High School. This year, 600 American flags will be on display at the Lowe’s YMCA’s 4th of July festivities. There will also be flags for each military branch as well as fire, police, and sheriff departments.

Visitors will also see 18 white and blue flags. These represent the 18 children who lost their lives at the hands of their caregivers in 2019. This is part of the Exchange Club’s mission to raise awareness and to prevent child abuse.



A celebration from July 1 – July 5

The American-made American flag kits (flag, pole, and rebar) can be purchased for $35 online or at the event. Here is the information about the event. We hope you join us!


  • On Thursday, July 1, the Field will be installed at the Lowe’s YMCA. Visitors are invited to walk the rows of flags and share stories through July 5.
  • On Saturday, July 3, at 5:00, there will be a ceremony honoring our great nation. Guests will speak, and each branch’s service song will be played. At 6:15, country singer Rockie Lynne will perform. At 9:15, a breathtaking fireworks display will conclude the celebration.
  • Flags will remain on display 24 hours a day until Monday, July 5. Purchased flags may be picked up after the event on selected days.


Look out onto this sea of red, white, and blue with solemn appreciation. We live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” Feel the awe inspired by these flags, knowing there is deeper meaning held within. There is a great deal of both pride and sorrow. We honor all, remember all, and show the love for our country and for our fellow men. A glorious expression of gratitude and a fitting tribute. See our nation with new eyes and all the freedoms and liberties we enjoy nestled in the waving flags.


To purchase a flag, please visit: https://mooresvillelknexchange.org/fieldofflags





Photos courtesy of Katie Stankiewicz and Pixabay



Katie Stankiewicz is the founder of Willow Equine and executive director of Soul to Soles Connection.

The Exchange Club of Mooresville / Lake Norman is a civic organization, who works to create a strong and united community. They have been serving the Lake Norman area for over 30 years, with a focus on Americanism, Community Service, Prevention of Child Abuse and Youth. If you or anyone you know have been looking for a way to connect and give back, join the club! 

Go to our website at https://mooresvillelknexchange.org/ for more information. Select “Join the Club” under the ‘Menu’ section for an member application. You can also email the club through the Contact Us’ menu selection. 




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