This article is part 2 of Sue Zimmerman’s Spring Decorating series. Part 1 Stuck at Home? Spring Into Action focused on the little inexpensive changes you can make in your home that can brighten up your space and your mood.— EH Stafford, Managing Editor


 Are you ready for a change?

If being in your home so much lately has caused you to think about décor changes that you can make, you’re not alone! The one parking lot still full every day is the big box home improvement store. We may have converted our dining rooms and kitchen tables into offices, but what about a change in our sanctuary at the end of the day — the bedroom.


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I’ve added pillows, now what?

In my previous article we talked about how adding little things like pillows and blankets can make your space feel new and fresh. Take that a step farther and change up your bedding. This is where switching over to a duvet cover will change your life! Duvets have become so popular, there are literally thousands of styles and colors to choose from. It’s an easy switch up with each new season, bring out a fresh duvet.


Invest in a good insert

When you think Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware bedding, what do you see? Full, billowing folds of luxurious fabric just asking you to sink in. Those beds you see in the stores are by design, they literally invite you to take a nap! This same look is easily achieved with the use of a good duvet insert. They come in various types, usually down or down alternative. Here’s a great article to help you learn about the differences and how to choose the right insert for you.


Image by JKKGDM from Pixabay

Layer, layer, layer

Going back to those beautifully put together beds in our favorite stores, the question arises “how can I make my bed look like that?” Well, the answer is fairly simple —  layers! In the stores they use multiple duvets and comforters, but you can also use blankets to give you that layered look. Remember, the key to good decorating is mixing — this includes colors, layers, and textures. So, add a chunky blanket to the end of your bed and cover 2 of your pillows with a nice linen case. The idea here is, the more the better!



Let’s go shopping

Like anything, duvets can range in price from reasonable to outrageous. Here are some great resources to get you started. Go ahead, make the bed!

My favorite retailers include: Target, Dwell Studio, Homegoods,  and Overstock.






Sue Zimmerman is a real estate broker with the Sarver Group at Keller Williams Lake Norman who is also passionate about interior decorating. Originally from Illinois, Sue moved to the Lake Norman area in 2013. She has been transforming living spaces as well as staging homes for real estate sales for over 15 years. Contact her at Visit her website at






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