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Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms

John McHugh, better known as Ocaid Photography, is doing just that.

You have seen him everywhere, aka Mr. John- Chamber of Commerce- McHugh., “The Camera man”! I have never been to a Lake Norman Chamber event without seeing John.

John McHugh and Bill Russel

That won’t change but, his passion for Art and Photography has and is. If you need a personal, and touching Christmas Gift, let John help you. But first a bit about his background. 

For most of his life there have been three constants, music, technology, and photography. Music will play a minor role, as it was not what led John into technology, however, photography has played a key factor through the years.

His love for photography began early when he liked the pictures his uncle would take of the family, and at the age of 8, he was given a little box camera and a couple of rolls of film. That started him on his path. He graduated from the box camera to a 35mm fixed lens camera and from there to SLRs and lots of lenses and his own darkroom.

Now John is changing his photographs into works of art.
It takes lots of technology and equipment but, he has it all in his office.

 John first got a sample of digital photography from a friend who did product photography.

In the late 1990’s he purchased a Nikon Body with a Kodak digital back and was able to deliver the product photos quickly and of reasonable quality. Needless to say, this was equipment was expensive and today’s post processing tools hadn’t been invented yet. In 2000 a 1MP Fuji was finally at a price and the tools were starting to appear so that he could get a feel for it.  Little did he realize at the time that digital photography would be the tool that would unlock his artistic creativity.

The World of Digital Photography!

From the technology and resolution of the cameras, and sensors and post processing tools that allowed for more flexibility than was available in the darkroom, he quickly adopted the world of digital photography. At the beginning of this trend, he approached it primarily as a photographer and actively pursued opportunities as the official photographer for both the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Norman players, he was happy to offer professional headshots to the Lake Norman business community where the new processing tools could always be counted on to make everyone look their best. 

As rewarding as he found working with the business community, he knew he had more to offer.

He found some new programs that let him convert his ordinary photos into, for that lack of a better term – Photographic Art. He has striven to retain enough detail in the pictures to be able to identify the origin yet, create something more original. For example, a picture of rusted trail wheels can be turned into impressionistic art. The minute his wife saw the picture she told him she loved it and to “Keep on Rolling”. She asked him if she could have it printed on metal, for her office, to be uses as the background for her zoom calls.

The original artwork.
The new “Keep on Rolling” on metal.

There are a multitude of different formats that artwork can be presented in, from standard prints to large canvas, metal, or acrylic. Also, he has found that the different materials can produce effects that overshadow just the media. For example, the train wheels have a different dimension on the metal print than they do on paper or acrylic.

Along with different materials he found that he can customize color palettes and styles to fit different tastes. These can be used to customize a piece of his own work or as a service with someone else’s. John tends to be selective on the prints that he customized, as he has found that some take it well, and others do not.

For the holidays he has taken a picture from a vacation in Aruba to be his 2023 holiday art. Great pictures for your Christmas cards.

Welcome to my world – you can see more of this type of magic on www.ocaidphoto.com.

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