Will take you to the Caribbean island of Cuba!        

You will indulge in some of the finest savory flavorful dishes inspired by authentic Cuban recipes here at Azucar Cuban Restaurant. My girlfriends and I found this little gem in Huntersville on a sunny cool afternoon. We were looking for something outside the norm, we agreed “Azucar” sounded mysterious and exotic. Since we were all newbie foodies in regards to Cuban food, we were excited to give it a try!

Cathy Bentz on left and Sheryl Durham on right

I think our minds went blank just steps inside this paradise.

With the colorful artwork and soulful music of origin playing at the perfect sound level. You see friendly faces of staff smoothly buzzing around the vibrant but calm atmosphere. It was clear we were in another world! Our very friendly Host greeted us and with a little rhythm in our step, maybe from the conga drum beats in that awesome music, we were ushered to a comfy roomy booth. It felt like this was the first day of a great vacation or something. It was easy to relax and be in the moment here.

A Tour Guide for the menu?


Like curious tourists, we were grateful to have such a knowledgeable and patient server like Eric. Not to mention, he was a native from the Dominican Republic, which is a neighboring island to Cuba and was quite helpful with describing how different dishes tasted and what types of ingredients were used. This was the type of food he grew up eating so it was even more of a treat to learn about the cuisine. We also learned Cuban food is not typically spicy in nature which was great for the three “no-spice girls” on this menu tour! Excited about our choices, Eric left us headed for the kitchen leaving us with aromatic refreshing iced teas and on we continued chatting and enjoying our lunch vacation with great anticipation. 

Our Entrees Were Grand Presentations for all our Senses.

To say the least as the tantalizing aromas were hovering and making our mouths water as Eric arrived with our food. I think we all did a quick look-see at each other to make sure none of us were actually drooling. The presentation was divine. The chatter quickly came to a halt as we indulged in our culinary masterpieces to only hear the rhythmic music overhead and sounds of oh’s, ah’s and mmm’s. Simply delicious we all agreed.


My friend Cathy ordered the Palomila which she thought to be seasoned perfectly and tender.
Cheryl was enjoying the “A Lo Cubano” Salad with grilled chicken and a fabulous homemade dressing that could be considered sunshine-in-a-liquid.
I ordered for the Caribbean Sea option of fish, ordering the Grouper Empanadas.

To my delight they were light, the inside stuffed full and so savory and full of flavor I tried to be as lady like as possible and not eat like a starving raccoon with both hands. The empanada crust was flaky but thick and deliciously fluffy in a dense way.. the best pastry shell I’ve ever eaten. 

All in unison we agreed, the next time us three “No-Spice Girl Foodies” are in the mood for an escape to paradise we’ll head to Azucar for another Esta’ Volao Experience!

Review, video and photos by Debbie Amyotte
Debbie Amyotte – Foodie & Reviewer

Debbie Amyotte is a self-proclaimed “Giant FOODIE”. She loves everything about food from fine dining to hidden gems that only the locals know about. Traveling is a big passion and she has visited about 30% of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Grami to two awesome grandkids she visits them as much as she can. Sundays at her house, are meant for two things: church and football!

She is active in the community as a Rotary member, the organizer for Ladies Luv Adventures in Lake Norman, and she hosts a monthly mystery book club called A Good Night for Murder.

Her professional life includes being a travel agent for Travel Bee Adventures, and a local, independent, contracted pet sitter — caring and understanding special pet needs. Contact Debbie by email, debbieamyotte.reviewer@gmail.com.

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