If this is what you are looking for, that would be Clean Eatz located at 17111 Kenton Dr, #101 B1, Cornelius, NC

I was craving a burger and I googled Healthy Burgers in Cornelius. Clean Eatz came up and I had always wanted to try it. So, I got into my car on Saturday, and drove to Clean Eatz. It was late, about 2:00, so I called, and they are open on Saturday’s and Sunday’s until 3:00 PM. (Weekdays until 7:00 PM.) They had a large selection of both fresh and frozen foods. There were a ton of choices, all with Good Food for Good Health!

I ordered my Turkey Burger and took home some frozen items for dinners at a later date.

Meet Madisyn, the front store manager.

Aren’t these some of the best salads you have seen for a while? In addition to dine-in and carry-out, they also have meal plans. Check out their website for details at Healthy Food & Meal Prep | Clean Eatz Cornelius NC Restaurant Locations. For some reason, I seemed to have developed a bit of a sweet tooth. They also have healthy desserts, and I can’t wait to try them tonight. They are on the left side of the counter.

General Manager, Lainey.

The meal plan may be all you need.

I also loved the colors in Clean Eatz- It makes you feel alive and healthy! At each table you also get some of the most popular spices to try. I can’t wait to go back and stock up on healthy spices and protein shakes.

Spices you can try before you buy!
I enjoyed it all. It is an experience to eat here.

Let me tell you about customer service. It was all that I could ask for.

Alli Delay- my server.

As a recap, I was not disappointed. Along with the burger, the sweet potato fries were delicious. (Just missing ketchup, continue reading to see what happened next.)

I should have known- when Alli asked if everything was alright. I asked her for some ketchup, and they even had organic ketchup.

The perfect added touch!

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Photos by Margi Kyle
Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

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