If Picasso was a drink, you’d find him here…

At Thigs you can feel the artistic vibe!

Within minutes of walking into the tiny hot spot it’s easy to melt into a seat and just relax. The atmosphere has a celebrity vibe to it with glowing neon décor and carefully handmade cocktails that are absolute masterpieces. It’s like a holiday in a glass and one sip puts your taste buds in a happy dance place!  

If you can’t make the night scene  

And mornings are your thing, that’s another treat of its own because Thigs serves BRUNCH on both Saturday and Sunday! My Good Friend Dr. Lexi and I had a fabulous Sunday brunch complete with steaming hot Counterculture Coffee and ice-cold Bloody Mary dressed in her Sunday’s best! Being it was more of the lunch hour I didn’t feel bad about the hearty breakfast plates we had of scrambled eggs – western Omelet, thick sliced bacon, and grain toast. The sweet jam was the treat on the plate.

While we ate our toast with our pinkies in the air

Well, maybe that was just me. We were sitting amongst blue velvet cushioned seats which gave the place a bit of posh attitude and I couldn’t help thinking Marilyn Monroe might come out of the ladies’ room to join us. You must go to the ladies’ room! It is very Hollywood and quite “Gorgeous” in there. Another thing we knew we must do is make plans to come back for some of the great events they have like Karaoke Thursdays. Food Truck and Live Music Fridays. Sipping Saturday DJ Night! 

We of course stopped for The Paparazzi

That’s “Selfie Language” for our balancing the phone act trying to get a good picture with the Thigs neon sign between us. Exiting stage left after leaving our autographs on the check we made our grand exit while chatting, laughing, and making plans for our next adventure at Thigs.  

Dr. Lexi Lane with Debbie Amyotte


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