Do you like photography?

If your answer to this question is YES, you should visit the Mooresville Art Gallery at 103 W Center Ave in Mooresville (the historic train depot across from Epic Chop House on Main St.).

During COVID, the gallery was renovated, and the first exhibit open to the public was the 17th Annual Photography Show (contest) on Friday, June 11th.  The good news is – the winners have been announced and all of the photographs are on display through July 29th. In addition, YOUR opinion counts for the “People’s Choice Award.”  Drop by and VOTE for your favorite. It’s FREE and a wonderful way to support this organization, the local photographers, and their creations.


Gina Marques (along with Dick Handshaw) organized this wonderful event.

The 17th Annual Photography Show

The key individuals who organized the exhibit are Gina Marques and Dick Handshaw. Gina said, “Due to COVID, last year’s reception was virtual. While we were still able to put together a beautiful show, this year it was nice to be able to experience it with the community and hold an event to really celebrate the twenty-two participating artists. It was a joy to see familiar faces and meet new ones in person.” Ms.  Marques added, “If you are interested in photography on any level , Dick Handshaw is offering photography classes this summer.“





Reception at the gallery.

The Photography Exhibit Reception was a wonderful success

This year’s judge was Don Brown, a Charlotte-based nature and wildlife photographer and Chair of the Pictorial Print Division of the Photographic Society of America. The theme of the contest was Time. As mentioned in the criteria: “The possibilities are endless and up to each artist’s interpretation.”


The winners are . . .








(Left to Right)

1st Place – “A Time to Glow” by Lane Lewis

2nd Place – “Blinding Lights” by Keongbok Lee

Judge’s Choice – “Black Beauty” by Marcy Murphy

Judge’s Choice – “A Time to Sell” by Pamela Bredin

(not pictured:  Clayton Joe Young – 3rd Place – “Protection” and Judge’s Choice “The State of Redemption”)


Mosaic artist Brenda Pokorny.

Mosaic artist Brenda Pokorny also has an exhibit

Mosaic artist Brenda Pokorny recently moved to Mooresville from Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

When asked how she got started, Ms. Pokorny enthusiastically responded, “After 10 years managing my own design business, I started playing around with mosaic and became addicted. I find the process of creating images out of many little pieces very satisfying. My goal is to create serenity and beauty with my art.”


Glasswork artist Elijah Kell.

Glasswork artist Elijah Kell’s exhibit

Artist Elijah Kell discusses his love for glasswork.  During the exhibit, he sold three gorgeous pieces to art lovers.

Sixteen-year-old Elijah Kell began his artist journey with glass at the age of ten.  This creative outlet helped him with his struggles with dyslexia. He lives in Mint Hill, NC, and is a rising junior in high school. As an artist-entrepreneur, he dreams of – one day – opening his own art gallery.



Elijah Kell’s parents, Amy and John Cervantes.

Elijah Kell pictured with his parents Amy and John Cervantes, the original founders of BRIGHT BLESSINGS (the organization that helps underprivileged children — especially on their birthday!) We have a local chapter here in Mooresville with Linda Morris.

When asked about Elijah’s art, Kell’s parents smiled brightly and said, “We are very proud of our son.”





Enjoy the Exhibit!

Be sure to drop by Mooresville Arts and check out some of the amazing photographs captured by local photographers and VOTE for your favorite!





Photos courtesy of Tesa Jones.


Tesa Jones is a graduate of Elon College, now Elon University, a mother of two, a grandmother of five, and she currently resides in Mooresville with her husband. She is a published author, an avid blogger, and a passionate photographer. Learn more about Tesa Jones at and contact her via:



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