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What beard fits my face?

As you progress through your beard journey, sometimes a little style comes into play. Today we will cover two important aspects of growing and keeping a beard. The first is ‘what type if beard fits my face best’ and ‘how do I keep it styled correctly?’

As we’ve discussed, beards are a personal choice and how they fit you and your lifestyle will be key to keeping it for many years.

Should I go long or short?

Because every face is different, the look of a beard will be impacted by that. There are several general face types that we will cover this week. If you have a round, square, oval or a rectangle for a mug, we’ve got your covered!

  1. Square – this type of face is possibly the most prominent and easiest to wear a beard. Complimenting the hard edges of your jaw line make this more conducive to everything from a long mustache to a goat to a full-length beard. Try them all!
  2. Round – for this type of face we should focus on shorter, tighter beards to punctuate the lower part of the face. As this grows in, keep in mind how you are trimming and keeping the length to even out the roundness in your face.
  3. Oval – as an oval faced wearer myself, styles like the 5 o’clock shadow all the way to a full length bear seem to work well. If you are feeling adventurous the fu man chu is slowly coming back too!
  4. Rectangle – this face type is more apt to see a chiseled look so a smaller, jaw lined beard or even mutton chops can work here.

The key to all these face types is to accentuate the strength of your face and as always, keep it well-manicured! Most feedback I get from folks that aren’t beard fans is, ‘it’s not well kept.’

So how do we fix that?

Well, I’m glad you asked. In previous articles we talked about Beard Oils. Today we’ll spend some time on the Beard Balm.

What’s the difference, you may ask? Good question. A good oil keeps not only the beard moisturized but also the skin. Always use an oil even when you start using the balm.

Beard Balms are generally made with shea butter, bees wax and an assortment of other essential oils and vitamin e. Balms are used more for sculpting and shaping and yes, you can use them together. On a typical day, I generally just use a few drops of oil but when I plan to go out or have a meeting, the balm is the next step.

As with oils, just a small amount will do. Breaking it down in your hands, because it is a bit of a solid when in the tin, will help cover your entire beard. Starting from the face and working it down to the ends will help with coverage. I encourage blow drying a longer beard out before applying any oils or balms. The same holds true if you are using a straight iron for much longer beards. I’d always apply the product afterwards.

So, there you have it! I hope your beard journey is moving along nicely and that it has become more of an asset to your look than a burden. Beards come in so many shapes and sized but maintenance is the most important thing to remember. A strong man can carry any type of beard, be confident in your journey!

What’s next?

I’m not sure if you noticed but we changed the name of the article. Beards and Brotherhood was a great start, but we decided to broaden our focus. Seeing as there aren’t many MAN stories around there, we want to be able to cover the full spectrum of the thing’s men deal with on a daily basis.

The Gentlemen’s Corner will cover Health and Wellness, Diet, Sleep, Exercise, Friendships, Family, you name it, we’re going to talk about it. Over time I am hopeful to get your feedback and even ideas on topics you all deal with. I’m no Dear Abby, but I’ve seen a good bit in my life and have surrounded myself with fantastic friends who have taught me so much.

Being a man in today’s society has its challenges. Let’s stick together and help each other out! Take care of yourselves and each other. Until next time!

Colin Furcht- BRO Beard Products CEO

Colin has been a long time Lake Norman resident and has been very active in the community. From Commissioner to founding the Lake Norman Lighted Christmas Boat Parade to now a featured Author and small business owner! His desire is to bring men together and encourage them to reach out. He has always said, ‘look out for yourselves and each other.’ All men need a Brotherhood

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