We are not selling the invisible anymore. Paint a room – or put in your room – and see what that color looks like. Sherwin-Williams®, COLORSNAP Visualizer was designed for the consumer. It will be the best tool you will ever use!

The 2023 Foorecast color of the year is Sherwin-Williams® — Redend Point. The room was created by Sherwin-Williams®, COLORSNAP Visualizer and Me. Not sure you like that color, we will discuss that as well.

CMG=Color Marketing Group spends hours together forecasting color.

We are a group of professional Color Designers. I have been a member for about 15 years and joined 25 years ago when I worked as Manager of Color and Design for Para Paints in Canada. We meet twice a year and must come with 7 new colors that have never been forecasted before. Along with that color, we must have a trend that goes with the color. With over 3000 members from all over North America, break into small groups. Groups that specialize in Residential and or Commercial Design. We are always 2 years ahead of our times. A truly amazing organization that gives us new trends and colors.

I have used “Sherwin Williams®” as my main source for their color direction.

So how are we feeling?

Alone, disjointed, frustrated, broke, and grayed out! We need some warmth, compassion, friendships, good news, and a new attitude. With Covid for the past 3 years, the war with Russia and Ukraine, and not having the personal hugs and meetings. We are very much alone. Having lived with Agreeable Gray for the past 3 years, along with all the above feeling. I need some warmth and inviting colors to wrap their energy around me.

Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is a dignified color. A color of compromise. Emotionless and neutralizes other colors. The most creative color to work with. No wonder we are still tired! Change is not always what we want, but what we need.

What do I do if I don’t like the Color Direction and Color?

Then don’t use it or use it as an accent color. It is a Color Direction and to be a guide for you as to what colors will be seen in home furnishings and why.

This picture was taken from the Dewey Color System and Redend Point was closest to the brown undertones of orange.

The Dewey Color Coordinator — Dewey Sadka

Blues and orange are Complements color combinations. Still love the gray family, Orange and Gray are a Neutral color Complements. Teal, Indigo, and Orange are a split completement combination. White and Orange are neutral Split complements. Purple, green and orange are a Triadic color combination. Brown is the undertone of Orange and is a blend.

The meaning of the vibration of Orange is: “Orange means Change It! Orange makes positive change easier for you. It enables you to dissociate from what you expect from yourself to realize the clarity of a situation. You gain the power to eliminate or change the direction of dad-end situations and relationships”. Quote from the Dewey Color System, Dewey Sadka.  

The forecast color for 2023 is Sherwin-Williams® – SW 9081 Redend Point.

Not only have they created the forecast color but other colors to use with the Redend Point or in place of Redend Point. Softer and more inviting that before.  

Anyone of these colors are “IN” for 2023

Margi Kyle – The Designing Doctor
Article and designs by Margi Kyle, Managing Editor
Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

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