By Jillian A. Michalske
A mural and creative artist

LAKE NORMAN NC: Residents and visitors to the Lake Norman region can see many works of art in our public spaces. As a local artist, seeking out other artists’ work gives me a sense of community and inspiration. I encourage you to check out a few of my favorite spots.


Mooresville Arts

To begin with, I am a proud member of Mooresville Arts, also known as the Mooresville Artists Guild. The organization is located inside a former train depot in downtown Mooresville. There are many fantastic art exhibits here throughout the year. The artwork is also for sale. They offer classes for all ages and skill levels. Mooresville Arts advocates for artists and is an artistic/cultural resource for Mooresville and the Lake Norman community.


Jillian Michalske standing in front of “The Wing Wall” in Mooresville, NC.

The Wing Wall

Just one block south is “The Wing Wall” painted by Maria Velaz Campagna. She was inspired by a poem from Erin Hanson, which reads “What if I fail? —Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” She painted gigantic wings to represent “Being Free.”


Historic Davidson

In downtown Davidson, you can stroll along the sidewalks and won’t walk far before you run into many different public sculptures. My favorite is near the library on Main Street, called “The Book Garden” by landscape designer J. Nell Bryson, and artist Lydia Musco. I am also inspired by another nearby sculpture, “Dance of Life” by Douwe Blumberg, adjacent to Davidson Town Hall.


Sitting with Mark Twain in Cornelius

My last stop for today is in Old Town Cornelius. I sat next to Mark Twain, a sculpture created by John Hair, on a bench in front of the Cornelius Public Library. Nearby, at The Oak Street Mill, is “The Jitterbug” sculpture. It is a beautiful design of a woman dancing “The Jitterbug” created by Rich Nossel.


I encourage you to seek out and experience local art. Inspiration develops creative thinking, Acting on creative thinking develops creativity. When you act on creativity, amazing ideas and concepts come to life.






Jillian A. Michalske is a local artist who shares her creative spirit and artistic talent with the community.  She offers art healing classes to help people quiet their minds, process feelings and events. Ultimately, they create their own vision of joy, peace and success.