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Let’s raise a glass to this classic breakfast drink!

Today — Monday, May 16th is National Mimosa Day. There is nothing finer or keeps us feeling more elegant at brunch than the mimosa. Traditionally served in a champagne flute, this classic drink of equal parts orange juice and champagne (or other sparkling wine like prosecco) makes any breakfast special.

Named after the lovely yellow flower — mimosa

Made with equal parts Orange Juice and Champagne

There is no consensus as to the actual date and origin of the mimosa because the drink has been served for centuries in Spain where both oranges and sparkling wines are popular.

A Vermosa is a Vermont drink made with champagne and apple cider.

Variations on the mimosa

Buck’s Fizz – Invented in London in 1921 – Twice as much champagne as orange juice.

Poinsettia – Cranberry juice and champagne.

Lemosa – Lemonade and champagne, typically with a small amount of blueberry syrup.

Vermosa – Originated in Vermont – Apple cider and champagne.

Apple Crisp – Apple cider with champagne and brandy.

Flirtini – Pineapple juice, champagne and vodka.

Megmosa – Grapefruit juice and champagne.

This classic drink can be changed up by switching to cranberry, lemon or grapefruit juice.
Click on the image above to see where you can get a great mimosa at brunch!

Use lemon instead of orange juice for a Lemosa!

Non-alcoholic versions

Orange juice and ginger ale is a classic, bubbly combination.

But truly, any sparkling beverage will make your orange juice spectacular. You can use sparkling cider or any flavored sparking water. You can also use a different fruit juice to make a delicious combination.

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