No matter what your age, moving to a smaller home than the one you live in now involves a lot of decisions and planning.

Downsizing is more than moving to a smaller home — it is a process that requires some thought. If you own your current home, you may decide to sell it. You’ll need to decide if you will sell your home yourself, or hire a real estate agent.

You’re downsizing, which means you can’t take all your belongings, so you may need to part with items you’ve had for years. If downsizing is in your future, there are some common mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

With proper planning, moving to a smaller home can be a joyful experience.

Downsizing Without a Plan

If you downsize without a plan, things may not go smoothly. When you think about downsizing, begin by putting your thoughts on paper. Planning ensures you don’t leave out essential tasks. Think about all the resources and people you’ll need to help you complete the move. Keep your activities on track by entering your tasks into a calendar. Ask family or friends to review your plan and add any items that you may have forgotten.

Keeping Too Much Stuff

Downsizing can be an emotional experience because it’s challenging to get rid of possessions with sentimental value. Make a list of the pieces you want to keep, sell, donate, or discard. An antique dining table that’s been in your family for decades may not be the right fit for a small home or apartment. Framed photos, books, and knick-knacks that made your present house a home may make your new place look cluttered. Your family members or friends may appreciate having a part of your history, so invite them to select the items you don’t plan to take with you.

Selling items has never been easier. You can take photos of your items, post them on an online selling site, and ship them to a buyer who pays the shipping costs. If you must meet a buyer, choose a safe space such as a police station parking lot to conduct the transaction.

Overpricing Your House When Selling

One of the biggest mistakes some people make when selling a home is pricing it too high. When buyers think the price is too much, they move on, and your home may be on the market longer than intended. Going the “For-sale-by-owner” route may be more than you want to handle. A real estate agent takes the pressure off by listing your home, pricing it to sell, showing it, handling negotiations, and helping with other tasks associated with the sale. Consult a real estate agent who specializes in helping home sellers downsize.

Failing to Hire Professional Movers

You may have friends with trucks, but that doesn’t make them movers. There are businesses that specialize in helping seniors move. Reputable professional movers reduce the work for you by packing and unpacking your belongings, taking care not to damage anything, and setting up your furniture where you want it. You can rest, enjoy your new home, and take care of details like hanging pictures later.

Don’t Let Downsizing Get You Down

Downsizing has its challenges but can be an exciting undertaking. Careful planning helps you avoid mistakes and save time and money.

Learn more about moving to a smaller home and services in Cornelius, North Carolina, that can help. With the right resources, you can sell your current home and make your downsizing dreams come true.

Article by Shirley Martin
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