LKNConnect & Neighborhood TV literally reach thousands of people in the Lake Norman region each day. Take advantage of our upbeat, online magazine, & our New “In the Neighborhoods”Video segments with Neighorhood TV., Our demographics are approximately 60% female with concentrations in the 25 to 64 age ranges.

Feature your Business on LKNConnect’s Community Website. Business Listings are FREE – Advertising Packages start at $45.00 per month.. Call 704-575-7971 or email for details.


LKNConnect has designed a Business Landing Page (Community Connect Landing Page) to focus on you and your business. Each page is custom designed to best tell your business story. The Community Connect Page is the point of reference for all of the Business enhance products and programs.

The launch program actually shares your new landing page with the Lake Norman Community. LKNConnect will share your landing page throughout the Lake Norman Region.

Click for pricing and details

Each Community Connect Program includes the following

Landing Page – Development and Maintenance  (Required)   $Included
Three Connect Buttons                                                          
Connect to Website                                                                  
Connect to Facebook Page                                                      
Connect to Event/Special Event Calendar                          
Unlimited Social Media (Ask for Details)                                
Use of LKNConnect’s Three Facebook Pages                        
A.  LKNConnect – for approved aritlces
B.  Eat-Drink-Play Lake Norman – for Food – Beverage or Entertainment
C.  LKNConnect: Shop Local – for Home Services & Retail Businesses
Two General Category Social Media Promotions Per Month    

The Launch

The launch is the actual introduction of the business to the Lake Norman Communty
Welcome Ad –  Developed by LKNConnect                        
Distribution – The Welcome Ad will be distributed  throughout the LKNConnect Social Media Network –
(Facebook & Instagram)

The Events Promotions Program

If your business/restaurant sponsors an event each week – this is a must program. LKNConnect will load the event onto the Weekly/Weekend Planner. From the planner, LKNConnect will link to our Appropriate Social Media outlets
From there – LKNConnect will share the event with the Lake Norman Community. This program is designed to maximize the promotion of the special event in the Lake Norman Community (Click Here for Details and pricing).

Bringing Your Community Connect Landing Page to Life. LKNCnnect has developed a number of select products to bring your Landing Page to Life and keep you and your business in front of the Community. They are:


The importance of Video production in Marketing cannot be overstated. LKNCoonect, now, along with Neighborhood, offer a number of video options to place your business in the middle of the community

VIDEO WELCOME LKNConnect will video tape – edit and load an original video – 30 seconds to 1 minute in  length. The video concept is to introduce the business owner to the community and share the story of the business. Shooting dates will be preplanned and content discussed beforehand CLICK FOR PRICING & DETAILS


Two Professional Videos. A. A 3-4 Minute Professional video describing you and your business – and a professional 30 second Commercial Video Each of the videos will be the property of the client. The two videos will be distributed through LKN
Connect and Neighborhood TV. CLICK HERE FOR PRICING & DETAILS

Video Package #1
Video Package #1


This is a full production video featuring you and your business. There are two videos – A the First video will be posted on Neighborhood TV – LKNConnect – WSOC (Charlotte) & the Charlotte Observers. The Commercial Video is guaranteed to reach 25,000 impressions. CLICK FOR PRICING, EXAMPLE & DETAILS

Premium Video Package
Premium Video Package


Schedule a Marketing Photo Shoot. Capture Headshots – Business/Client interaction – Marketing and promotions shots. Each image is yours to keep and use for your business promotion.
Contact David Beard at Beard for more information

Photo Shoot One – This session is to photograph headshots and storefronts. These photographs increase the credibility and professionalism of your business. Marketing Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot Two- This session is for an extended photoshoot. Products – activities – sales items etc can all be photographed by a professional photographer and displayed on your Community Connection page or on your business website/Facebook Page CLICK FOR PRICING & DETAILS

Featured Article/Business/Restaurant Review

Featured articles and Business/Restaurant Reviews have generated a large following for the feature business. The success rate ranges from 2500 viewers to 26,000 viewers. CLICK FOR PRICING, EXAMPLE & DETAILS


Reach 1000s in Lake Norman with our Main Page Banner

There are a total of 5 banner ads in each position which automatically rotate and can also be manually rotated by clicking the arrows. (You can see these ads by clicking here) and looking at the top of the page, scroll down for more ad positions.)

Main Page Banner size is 1050 px wide by 250 px tall at 72 dpi.

Banner Ad Number One – Front Page ($500.00 per month) CLICK FOR PRICING AND DETAILS)

Banner Ad Number Two (400.00 per month. – Call 704-575-7971 to speak with a representative. (CLICK FOR PRICING & DETAILS)

Banner Ad Number Three – Front Page ($350.00 per month – Call 704-575-7971 to speak with a representative) CLICK FOR PRICING AND DETAILS


Category Pages Banner One – Top of the Page Each Category Page has its own banner . This is a great location to be seen first in that particular category. CLICK FOR PRICING AND DETAILS

The LKNConnect Weekday and Weekend Events Calendar

Featured Event Reminder.

Each local business and Community Organization can post their events and activities on the Events Calendar. The Calendar is published on Monday Morning and Thursday Morning. If you would like to list your Go Here

Feature Business Events. On Friday mornings, there will be a separate listing of weekend events and the following weeks daily events – just for our Featured Businesses.

Each Reminder is $25.00 and ordered no less than a month at a time.

Customize Digital Advertisements

LKNConnect offers Customized Advertising for Your Business

Each advertisement is specifically designed to feature the assets and benefits of  your unique business.

Details & Pricing

Block Ads

Block ads are located throughout the LKNConnect Community Website..You may advertise your company /business on any of them.

Block Ads # One on Front Page. This block ad is the first ad you see scrolling down from the top of the front page. CLICK FOR PRICING & DETAILS

Block Ad # Two on the Front Page. This ad is the second block ad from the top of the Front Page CLICK FOR PRICING & DETAILS

LKNConnect creates your block or banner ad. – Starting at: $200 per ad (Call 704) 575-7971 or email for Quote)



LKNConnect is looking a local business or businesses to sponsor the Weekly Newsletter. This responsibility can be done alone or with several other Local businesses. CLICK FOR PRICING & DETAILS


LKNConnect is looking a local business or businesses to sponsor the Weekly Newsletter. This responsibility, like the newsletter above, can be divided up between several businesses. CLICK FOR PRICING AND DETAILS.

More on category Banners

Move Your Business to the TOP of the List with Guide/Category Page Banners

Our guides are typically listed by alphabetical order — you could be near the bottom or at the bottom of the list! Improve your visibility with a Guide/Category Page Banner.

Here are a few of our most popular guides by category (See below for more categories.)

LKNConnect Online Magazine Categories

Each of the following Categories has room for five banner ads at the top of its respective page. Pick your category and become the most widely seen business in that particular section of the website.

Lake Norman’s Finest Restaurants

Lake Norman’s Finest Retail Stores

Lake Norman’s Finest Home Services

LKNConnect offers you the opportunity to put your business at the TOP of your Category!

Guide/Category Page Banner size is 940 pixels wide by 240 pixels tall at 72 dpi.

Category Page Banner Ad – See Above to purchase: Starting at $250/month

LKNConnect creates your block or banner ad. – Starting at: $200 per ad (Call 704) 575-7971 or email for Quote)

Prices are subject to change without notice, so we recommend locking in your rate now by calling David Beard, COO, at (704) 575-7971 or email

More ways to advertise

LKNConnect believes that strong businesses are built on a strong relationships between the local business and the community. LKNConnect works hard to develop these relationships. Using our Guides, members of the community will have a chance to meet and hear from the local business owner. It’s on this base that we build better business relationships

There are several ways for local businesses to reach the members of the community.

Video:  LKNConnect will help you build an introductory video. One of our Professional Interviewers will visit your business on site and create a positive video that introduces you to the community

Events:  Another way for local businesses to reach out to the community is through Special Events – Sales and Promotions.  Ask about our Sales and Discount program.

Benefits –  Support Local Together

Free Listing in the LKNConnect Guide to Local Businesses.

Enhance Your Business Listing in Our Guides

Make your page more eye-catching and informative:

Update your page with Your “Ready-to-Go” 1-to-5-minute Video. – Starting at $75.00 one time fee.

Don’t have a Video? LKNConnect can create one for you.

Top Magazine Features

The Lake Norman Weekend Planner (Sponsorship Available) – Call David Beard at: 704-575-7971 or email for details.

Every Thursday we feature This Weekend in Lake Norman whether it’s Live Music, local Farmers Markets, or Festivals — there’s always something happening.

LKNConnect Reviews (Sponsorship Available) – Call David Beard at: 704-575-7971 or email for details.

LKNConnect Reviews — our popular reviewers, Debbie Amyotte and Ellen Stafford, review local restaurants, shops, & fun activities. Our reviews are randomly chosen and always unexpected.

LKNConnect Newsletter: (Sponsorship Available) – Call David Beard at: 704-575-7971 or email for details.

Twice a month, residents will receive – in their inbox – an update on local happenings, sales, specials and other money saving offers in the Lake Norman area.

More information about our Guides

LKNConnect supports local businesses in the Lake Norman region with a FREE Basic listing in our popular guides. NOTE: You can select each of these guides from the menus at the top of the screen on Desktop and in the 3 lines (often called the hamburger) at the top on Mobile.




  • Real Estate
  • Activities Reviews
  • Features:
    • The Arts, Balanced Living, Bon Appetít, Lifestyle, Moneywise, Pets, Tech, Travel, This Weekend.
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Things to Do:
    • Entertainment, By Activity, By Town


  • Current Holiday Specials:
    • New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and more!
  • Half-Price Wine – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday -Saturday – Sunday
  • Kids Eat Free
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