There is nothing like piping hot, fresh, doughnut holes for breakfast!

That is, unless they come with cream and berries to dip them in! (Which makes them even better!)

The other day, about 10 am-ish, my husband Tony and I stopped for breakfast at the Sun Up Café. He was hungry and I wanted a snack — this was the perfect place to go.

The Coffee

Piping hot, served in a great mug. Sun Up Café serves locally roasted Black Powder coffee. Delicious.

Sun Up Café serves Black Powder coffee — my favorite!

No Time – Get your coffee to go!

They have a coffee and pastries to go area.

The Menu

And this is only a small portion of their menu!

Doughnut Holes (Feature photo above)

Served with vanilla anglaise (fancy name for YUMMY cream) and chilled blueberry compote. So basically, they gave us the cream filling and the berry filling that you would normally find inside a doughnut. We each ate three which was more than plenty. My husband liked the blueberry compote best, I liked the sauces separately AND together. Truly, the most wonderful, hot, fresh treat!

Ever eaten Scotch Eggs? Theirs are amazing!

I have only had them once before in my life and that was on my honeymoon in Oregon. These equaled my memory of the ones I had before! Scotch eggs are hard boiled eggs wrapped in pork sausage, breaded, and deep-fried. They serve them sliced which makes them the perfect snack to just pick up and eat. They have a mildly spicy aioli and they are topped with green onions.

A Scotch egg

Omelettes made to order

My husband ordered his favorite omelette off from the made the build your own menu! I’m sorry, I don’t remember the ingredients exactly, but it involved ham, spinach and cheese! It came with crispy hash browns and it didn’t take long for him to finish every bite so it must’ve been good.

Build your own omelette.

NICE place, Great service, Delicious food!

From their big open dining room to their quiet little nooks, Sun Up Café is an excellent place for breakfast, lunch, or a snack! But note: they are closed on Mondays and Tuesday – Sunday, they close at 2:30 pm so don’t miss your chance to eat! (See link below for hours, days, and location.)

Main seating area.
Cozy booths.

For more information

Click here to see their menu, location, hours, etc.

Review and photos by Ellen Stafford
Ellen Stafford

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