In my last article, I explained that digital marketing is the equivalent of putting your best salesperson to work for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, what does that look like from a practical sense?

Inbound and outbound marketing

The first thing to understand is that the two main approaches to digital marketing are inbound and outbound. Inbound marketing consists of the biggest thing that people told us we needed to do when we first wanted to use the Internet for our business — have a presence.


Inbound — your presence

Inbound marketing includes building a website, adding some keywords for search engines to find you, and then adding a Facebook page or an Instagram account. When people are actively searching on Google for your type of business online, your name shows up (hopefully close to the top).

Even when there are so many more ways to market your business online, having a presence is still great advice. However, everybody else got that same memo. How many of you went through the time and expense of putting together a website and Facebook page, only to hear crickets? How easy was it to track the return on your investment? The sad truth is that most websites haven’t been built in a way that converts browsers into buyers, and even the best businesses in the world won’t sell a thing if nobody knows they exist.


Outbound — disruptive marketing



That leads us to outbound marketing. Outbound marketing (sometimes called “disruptive marketing”) is today’s version of the online billboard, sign spinner, or television ad — the thing that jumps out and grabs people’s attention.



Connecting with your dream customer

The huge difference here is that outbound marketing can be targeted to your dream customer or client. It can follow them across webpages and social media accounts — from their laptops at work — to the mobile phones sitting in their hands.

Examples of outbound marketing seem to grow every day. It’s hard to keep up with all the latest technology, let alone know which ones are best for your business. Some of them, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are probably already a part of your life, but others like Snapchat, TikTok, Messenger Bots, Facebook ads, or even funnels, might be new to you.

If you are aware of them, there’s still a big difference between scrolling through TikTok feeds and knowing how to leverage it to grow your business. Finally, even if you know all the tricks, do you have time to do them?


The bottom line …

With a solid marketing plan that combines both inbound and outbound strategies and tactics, your business now has the ability to access your customers and clients in ways never before possible. Combine that with the ability to provide hard data to track your marketing success, and you have a system that can accurately predict how much money you’ll make based upon how much money you invest.

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