Where should we go to eat?

It was that indecisive moment of where to meet for dinner on a Tuesday evening. I was a bit casual in jeans and meeting a friend who would be spiffed up with long sleeves, collar and khakis.

Only a real, classy martini would do!

No matter what food we were in the mood for, I insisted I HAD to have a Fancy-Smancy REAL martini!  Yep, it was only Tuesday but hey, my job has around the clock hours so it seemed fair to say it was well into the week for me.

Where jeans and pearls meet

I dressed up my jeans’ ensemble with pearls and heels and off I went! — I knew we chose the right place when I walked in. The dim lit atmosphere was cozy, warm and inviting with that upscale attention to detail and décor.

I almost walked right past the hostess as I spotted the colossal sized wrap-around bar to the left — it was quite impressive AND no reservation necessary! Over here will do just fine as I gestured that way and she smiled, winked and gave me a thumbs up.

Something was contagious here since the bartender had the same smile and witty personality as the hostess did. Were they sisters?

Cheeseburger, French Pear Martini, & Asparagus w/Hollandaise

A French Pear Martini and a Cheeseburger

After a little small talk and perusing the menu I settled on the “French Pear Martini” with a cheeseburger, yes that would seem to be a total oppositional choice to pair with a fine martini, but why not? I was wearing jeans with pearls, right?

Via land or lake

I was impressed at the size of this place both inside and out. I also learned from our friendly bartender that in the summer you can drive right up in your boat, dock and eat on the patio if you’d like — SWEET!

Even sweeter, my chilled concoction arrived, and it was like a dream

I was a child, on my porch biting into a cold juicy pear and all the juice was running down my chin, but yes, it was happening NOW, in real life, dear Lord, I need a bib!

I hope I wasn’t making slurping noises during my “out of body experience”. The perfect martini, it was divine. Just then the opposites counterparts arrived. We were looking at and salivating over the PC Bacon Cheeseburger with my side choice of grilled asparagus with hollandaise sauce (what else do you have with a cheeseburger?) and my friend’s Broma Flatbread.

Broma Flatbread

Foodie masterpieces

I think I was staring at it all like you do when you’re at the art museum — no, not when you have the puzzled face and your head turned sideways while looking at the one you think your little kid painted, but the other one — The Sistine Chapel Ceiling that you can’t take your eyes off from! You say — it’s just a burger and a flatbread — not so my friend, it was a food masterpiece!

Two bites into the Broma Flatbread, my taste buds weren’t expecting the flavor impact — what a creation! The secret here is the Maytag blue cheese that’s strategically placed along with their house made fennel sausage, shaved prosciutto, marinara, mozzarella and deli pepperoni.

The burger was seasoned and cooked to a perfect medium and juicy, yes — more juice on my chin! Bravo to the Chef!

 It was quite clear that the stars had aligned perfectly, and all the opposites were attracting, and my middle of the week Tuesday was complete.

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Review and photos by Debbie Amyotte
Jeans, pearls, and boat photos courtesy Pixabay.com
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