I love to shop for others. Fun gifts that make people laugh are hard for me to resist. However, I believe that sometimes gifts should be practical. To help you shop for your beer-loving loved ones, here are my suggestions for your holiday shopping.


Let’s get practical gifts out of the way. The day of cheap looking plastic barware is long gone. Some believe plastic beer glasses are meant for outside: however, if you have people in your life who always drops a beer glass, then this is meant for them. The key is to look for Tritan plastic; this plastic looks like glass and will leave people second guessing. Tritan plastic runs around $25-$35, which is very affordable compared to broken glass everywhere and purchasing new barware.


Fun beer gift sets are great for those exploring the art of craft beer. Beer samplers have a smattering of beers from a specific brewery. Some beer sets include a couple of beers and glassware, making it fun for your beer lover. These beer sets can vary greatly in price, ranging from $15-$100.

Gift set of beer


Stocking stuffers are my favorite, particularly fun koozies. There are even character koozies to dress up a beer. Koozies are an economical choice coming in around $4-$10.


This list of gifts could go on and on. Your local beer and wine stores and small gift stores are perfect places to shop for these fun gifts. Enjoy looking for the right gift for your beer-enthusiast loved one this holiday season. I’m positive there will be many laughs and love for your thoughtful gift! Cheers!