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    Thank you for sharing another one of your awesome articles.

    Rosemary BrewerMay 4 2021,Health and Wellness

    Another excellent article. Thank you Cheryl.

    BrewerApril 18 2021,Health and Wellness

    When my first husband died, there were several things that I did that helped me relax and go to sleep: 1) Hold onto something like a Teddy bear or a long "body" pillow. It fills the empty space in your bed. 2) Change your bedtime routine. Watching television reminded me of all the shows we had watched together so I started reading instead. It was a good respite from my thoughts to slip into someone else's (a character's) life for awhile. My last advice is that the pain does not go away, but it becomes easier to bear with time. Don't give up.

    Ellen H StaffordApril 13 2021,Health and Wellness

    What an inspiration you are Cheryl! I will share your talent with others, thank you. I especially love the pictures!!!

    Rosemary BrewerMarch 30 2021,Health and Wellness

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