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Thank you!

EH StaffordSeptember 15 2019,Lifestyle

I really enjoy seeing all the latest updates and events to do in the week and on weekends on LknConnect.com Marketplace. This site is very informative, so thank you, Ellen and Doug, for doing such a great job on keeping us locals well informed about the activities currently taking place for the families and friends of Iredell County and surroundings so that we to can get involved and support our community you guys rock.

Natalie RamosSeptember 13 2019,Lifestyle

You failed to mention the actual definition of a crosswalk... There doesn't have to be a striped crosswalk. A crosswalk is present at every intersection even if it is not marked as defined in NC state statute. Where are the regulations for drivers related to pedestrians in this article? Drivers must yield to pedestrians that are within a crosswalk (marked or unmarked). Drivers turning right at an intersection need to yield to pedestrians crossing, etc. etc. etc. We should be telling both sides of the story...

WalkerAugust 15 2019,Lifestyle

Great article!

Sloane A.July 25 2019,B2B

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